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  1. Inflatago Column
    £328.80 £274.00
  2. Exhibition Table and Chairs
    £120.00 £100.00
  3. Pop Out Banner
    £262.80 £219.00
  4. Tex-Flex Fabric Sphere
    £829.20 £691.00
  5. Tex-Flex Fountain Fabric Display
    £1,466.40 £1,222.00
  6. Tex-Flex Large Oval Counter
    £438.00 £365.00
  7. Prime Exhibition Counter
    £518.40 £432.00
  8. Tex-Flex Oval Counter
    £356.40 £297.00
  9. Saxon Exhibition Plinth
    £135.60 £113.00
  10. Desktop Eco Banner
    £60.00 £50.00
  11. Hudson Plinth
    £187.20 £156.00
  12. Brandon Leaflet Holder
    £254.40 £212.00
  13. Cascade Leaflet Dispenser
    £261.60 £218.00
  14. Aztec Exhibition Counter with Shelves
    £324.00 £270.00
  15. Jasper Semi Circle Counter
    £344.40 £287.00
  16. 3mm Foamex Poster Boards
    £15.60 £13.00
  17. Phoenix Exhibition Counter
    £510.00 £425.00
  18. Promo Tower
    £451.20 £376.00
  19. Fusion iPad Stand
    £360.00 £300.00
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Items 1-40 of 55

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Exhibition Shell Scheme Panels

Why Buy Exhibition Stand Accessories?

For those perfect final touches to your display stand, our exhibition stand accessories provide exactly what you need. From brochure stands to leaflet dispensers, accessories are ideal to make your display really stand out from the crowd. We produce all of our promotional counters and plinths with quality materials to maintain a theme of class and professionalism about your display.

By producing all of the exhibition stand accessories on our premises in Peterborough, we can conduct quality checks to ensure your stand accessories are fully fit for purpose. All of our Natural range accessories are created with 4.5mm cardboard or a fully sustainable fibreboard while our Storm range are manufactured using aluminium. We take pride in using quality materials to create outstanding additions to your display stand.

Our main objective with the range of exhibition stand accessories is to provide another aspect of your stand design that is useful on the day of the event but also continues to promote your business. Adding full print onto counters, leaflet dispensers and banners is a fantastic way to draw more attention and ensuring all pieces of the stand tie together with a high quality professional artwork. What's more, you have the option to use the accessories as part of a stand design or as a stand alone display. Maximise the potential each product has!

Exhibition stand accessories are the perfect way to add those final finishing touches to your display stand. Each product has it's own artwork guide so you can begin the design as soon as possible. Not only can you enhance your stand design but with the acceptable of bespoke artwork you have the ability to increase the branding opportunities.

What materials do we use for our exhition stand accessories?

Throughout the exhibition stand accessories we use a wide range of materials to change the look as well as giving multiple design options.  From stretch fabric to 100% recyclable materials, we'll have an accessory that will compliment your exhibition stand or bundle.

Creating artwork for your stand accessories

For each of the accessories we accept bespoke artwork to ensure each aspect is branded exactly how you'd like but we do have some tips to ensure what we print is the highest of quality. We print in CMYK so please ensure the artwork files are set in this format, this will eliminate any colour discrepencies and will be truer to the colour you see on screen.

To ensure a crisp print of any images, use image files of at least 300 DPI. Any lower or low quality images can result in pixelation and unclear images. Should you have an questions regarding the artwork templates, a member of the team is more than happy to help.