Pop Up Stand Replacement Panel Compatibility

All our Premier Pop Up Stands are compatible with our pop up display stand panels, but in the event that you didn’t purchase the original stand from us, it’s important to know that not all pop up stands and panels fit together.

If you’re unsure on whether your existing frame will work with our panels, here's what to look out for.

The first thing to do is to check your pop up stand framework. Position the frame with the clips located at the top of the stand, our clips are a shallow ‘U’ shape and are used to hook the back of the printed panel into place. For reference the hooks on your pop up display stand frame and printed panels, should look like the following;

The hook on the back of the panels will connect to the top of the frame and secure the panel into place along with the magnetic bars.

Pop Up Stand Replacement Panels

If your frame doesn’t include the above hook, unfortunately our replacement graphics aren’t compatible with your existing frame. If you’re looking for a new system which includes the frame, printed panels and carry case, the full range of sizes can be found here.

Pop Up Stand Panels