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  1. Easiglow LED Light Box
    £531.00 £637.20 £531.00
  2. Tex-Flex Snake Fabric Banner
    £239.00 £286.80 £239.00
  3. Tex-Flex Fabric Sphere
    £596.00 £715.20 £596.00
  4. Tex-Flex Lightweight Fabric Banner
    £134.00 £160.80 £134.00
  5. SEG Fabric Freestanding Display
    £213.00 £255.60 £213.00
  6. Tex-Flex Promo Fabric Display
    £457.00 £548.40 £457.00
  7. Tex-Flex Fabric Oval
    £764.00 £916.80 £764.00
  8. Tex-Flex Xpress Fabric Display
    £623.00 £747.60 £623.00
  9. Tex-Flex Totem Fabric Display
    £663.00 £795.60 £663.00
  10. Tex-Flex PR Fabric Banner
    £1,192.00 £1,430.40 £1,192.00
  11. Easiglow 3 Panel Light Box
    £1,647.00 £1,976.40 £1,647.00
  12. Easiglow 4 Panel LED Light Box
    £2,232.00 £2,678.40 £2,232.00
  13. Easiglow 8 Panel LED Light Box
    £4,410.00 £5,292.00 £4,410.00
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13 Items

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Fabric exhibition banner stands from Go Displays

Fabric Banner Stands

Working with fabric banner stands can transform your exhibition stand design and create a new look for your brand. Whether you choose to select a standard fabric or LED lightbox banner, both options will have a positive effect on your stand and will effortlessly showcase your business details.

With choices within the fabric range, you’ll be able to select the right display product for you. Printing on to a fabric panel ensures you print is long lasting, clear and vibrant. The aim is to create a show stopping stand which does the speaking for you, with the unique shapes, configurations and styles available, you’ll be open to many possibilities.

Printed fabric displays, doesn’t mean you can't add replacements. All custom printed banners have the ability to welcome replacement graphics. Enabling your business to keep a fresh display stand for upcoming events and shows throughout the year. Reuse, store and reprint graphics as and when required.