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Exhibition Walls

Often taking shape in a straight configuration, an exhibition wall is a backdrop designed to cover the width of an event space. Covering widths from 3m-10m, we’re able to cover small to large exhibition stands with the scope to look at different sizes on request.

Go Displays Exhibition Stands are made in the UK, and tailored to meet the needs of all businesses across many sectors. Choosing the right display will ensure you have the right amount of display space and the perfect fit for the booked stand space. We offer single and double sided display walls, which work in shell scheme and space only stands.

Using a wall display acts as a straight backdrop and provide a great canvas to showcase branding and business details. We have many stand ranges available, from the trusted Pop Up Stands to the fully modular Exhibit Stand, presenting you with the tools to choose and build the best stand for your company.

Inside a busy exhibition hall, it’s important to stand out from the crowd and by using stands that tower over 2.5m high it’s possible. 2.5m and 3m high exhibition panels are deigned to catch attention in a room full of competitors. Use the straight design and height options to your advantage, resulting in a high quality banner display designed for you.

Exhibition walls and backdrops
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Why are exhibition walls a good match for the exhibition hall?

What materials do we print on?

The main material we print on is a 350 mircon stoplight media which is perfect for the exhibition hall. Firstly, the media is flexible so can be easily rolled and stored which is important when travelling to events. Secondly, as the event banners will be placed under lighting, the stoplight feature ensures light won’t pass through the panel and effect the appearance.

Finally, the panels are complete with matte laminate which is helpful against glare, keeping the panels and artwork fully visible.

The Modulink display banner is from the eco-friendly range, so the material differs in this situation. Designed with a fibreboard material, we print directly on to the panel and apply the same matte laminate. For a fully recyclable exhibition wall, the laminate can be removed.

Choosing the right height

The selection of exhibition walls are available from many display ranges offering various heights and stand designs.

Offering heights ranging from 2m – 3m, working with all stand spaces regardless of any height restrictions. We advise to check with the event organizer about any sizing restrictions to eliminate any issues on the day of the event.

Are all Exhibition Walls modular?

No, not all the suggested exhibition stands are modular.

Our Exhibit stand has a fully modular design and can be reconfigured into endless layouts. Manufactured with aluminium frame work and rollable graphics, each panel is easy to assemble and reformat into new stand designs.

What’s more, you can build on the straight wall configuration with eye catching accessories such as the display arch.

Adding customized printed to the event banner

To complete the wall is to add bespoke artwork for a customized finish.

Whilst you have the freedom to add any images, font or text, Go Displays have some tips and specifications to ensure a high quality print.

Large format printing has varying requirements to posters and leaflets due to the size. For this reason, we ask for all images to be at least 300 DPI for a clear print, and to minimize the risk of pixelation.