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  1. 3m x 4m Modular Exhibition Stand
    £4,400.40 £3,667.00
  2. 3m x 4m U Shape Pop Up Bundle
    £2,176.80 £1,814.00
  3. 3m x 4m T Shape Exhibition Stand
    £4,016.40 £3,347.00
  4. L-Shaped Pop Up Stand - 3m x 4m
    £1,053.60 £878.00
  5. 4m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £870.00 £725.00
  6. 3m x 4m Exhibition Stand Bundle
    £1,760.40 £1,467.00
  7. 3m x 4m C Booth Exhibition Stand
    £3,073.20 £2,561.00
  8. 3m x 4m Modulink Exhibition Stand
    £2,703.60 £2,253.00
  9. 4m S Shape Pop Up Stand
    £1,134.00 £945.00
  10. Modulink L Shape Display with Arch
    £1,620.00 £1,350.00
  11. Modulink U Shape Modular Display
    £1,296.00 £1,080.00
  12. 3m x 4m Tex-Flex Exhibition Stand
    £1,546.80 £1,289.00
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35 Items

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3m x 4m Exhibition Stands from Go Displays

The 4m x 3m Exhibition Stand Design has been developed constantly over the years to make it easier for the exhibitor to use and to help them to stand out against the competition. This is why we only use high-quality materials in the manufacturing process as it allows us to create exhibition stands which our clients can be proud of. The same dedication applies when printing the graphics, as we use a high-quality, pigment-based ink to create a rich and vivid image.

We check each 4m x 3m Exhibition Stand Design as it goes through the manufacturing process to guarantee that is ready to use as soon as it arrives. This also means setting it up once the exhibition stand is complete to ensure that there are no hitches once you arrive at your exhibition. The setup process is quick and easy to understand, giving you more time to focus on the exhibition itself.

Use your 3m x 4m exhibition stand space efficiently whilst using our suggested exhibition stands and bundles. To showcase the full extent of customization, you’ll find our full range of exhibition displays being utilised in multiple ways to demonstrate the available display possibilities. From exhibition walls to experimental T shape stands, we’re positive you’ll be able to find a pre-designed bundle or suitable exhibition stand to create your own configuration.

Working with a 3m x 4m exhibition space provides a good amount of space to work with and provides even more floor space for additional accessories and branded features. Finding the right display stand for your demands will be a result of preferences and how you’d like to exhibit your brand.

The types of exhibition stands available are:

  • Pop Up Displays Stands
  • Streamline Exhibition Display Stands
  • Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands
  • Modulink Exhibition Stands

Each exhibition stand has a lot to offer in terms of versatility and design quality, but what are the differences between the stands and how can they help your brand?

Pop Up Exhibition Stands are still popular, as the Pop Up mechanism has proven reliable and easy to use across the years. We’ve excelled the easy use Pop Up Display and designed interesting stand designs like the U Shape and T Shape exhibition bundles.

The assembly process is quick and easy and the lightweight structure is easy to transport.

Flexibility isn’t an issue with the Streamline Exhibition Display Stands as the supplied printed graphics enable the bend and flex to create smooth curves within the display. Amend the width by adding and removing the 1m wide printed graphics and poles.

When it comes to portability, the entire stands fits into supplied hard shell carry cases.

Getting the right size stand to suit all stand space you’ll have throughout the years is a big task, but not for the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands. Designed for this reason, the Exhibit Modular Panels can be connected to create any width and configuration you need, all with the possibility of adding extra accessories like cupboards and arches.

If eco-friendly and sustainability materials are at the forefront of your mind, the Modulink Modular Exhibition Stand is the perfect match for you. Made with lightweight fibreboard panels and accessories, we can produce a display solution that’s reusable but can be recycled too.

Pop Up exhibition stands