eco-friendly display stands made with xanita

made in the uk

Why choose an Eco Friendly Display Stands?

These days we know that being green and Eco Friendly is becoming an essential part of any business, and companies are being encouraged to reduce their carbon-footprint. Here at Go Displays we have a large range of Eco Friendly Display Stands that are ideal for anyone looking to use a greener alternative when it comes to their display stands. Our collection includes a number of versatile products designed from 4.5mm cardboard and Xanita Board, so whatever your products or services, our Eco Friendly collection makes for a greener alternative to the more traditional options.

Our impeccably engineered Eco Friendly Display Stands are made from eco-friendly materials which will showcase your business or your product in a way that is extremely unique and extremely appealing. The Eco Friendly Display Stands aesthetic brings out the custom design of your display, meaning your message has a better chance of being noticed.

4.5mm Cardboard

4.5mm cardboard has been used to create the completed natural exhibition range. The natural range consists of banners, backdrops and accessories, and we’re pleased to say we’ve been able to make some show stopping displays options which a simple yet extremely effective material.

Cardboard is lightweight, displays custom print and is 100% eco-friendly. The products from the natural range can be reused, but when the time comes, can be recycled with ease. Each aspect of the natural range can be added to the recycling bin, without any materials ending in landfill.

Some construction is needed, as the products are supplied flatpack but the simple design and instructions make sure your eco-friendly displays won’t take too long to stand proud.

Xanita Board

Xanita board is a thicker, fiberboard material which takes eco strength to the next level. Xanita board is 100% repulpable, lightweight, strong, non-toxic, flat packable and accepts print direct to the surface.

The strength and structure of the Xanita board has allowed us to branch out to counters and larger exhibition stands. The material ensure that you’re exhibition display or accessory is an investment and can be used multiple times.

It’s important that the eco-friendly display products are transportable, which is made possible by the lightweight material, but also the flat packed design. Each product is compact and the elements are broken down in to manageable sections for both assembly and transport purposes.