How to order Shell Scheme Graphics



Shell Schemes are a popular choice amongst exhibition organisers, allowing them to provide their exhibitors with a modular booth system.
We offer a wide range of Shell Scheme graphics sizes and options, and have included a step by step guide on how to get the best fit your Shell Scheme. 

What size do I need?

shell scheme rollable graphic panels

The sizes of the shell scheme can vary depending on the event, the organiser, and the venue. It’s important to check the exhibitor pack provided by the organiser to find these sizes before purchasing your graphics.

Shell Schemes are usually provided at the metre size e.g., 3m x 3m, and are available as 1, 2 or 3 open sides. For example, if you have 2 open sides, you’ll have 2 closed walls available for fixings your graphics to. Each Shell Scheme is made up of individual modules that are usually around 2.4m H x 1m W (although these can vary) and each section is separated by the shell aluminium poles.

We will provide the graphics at the size specified in your pack. The size of the panels required also differs depending on if you would like a seamless finish (where the graphic is placed on top of the aluminium poles) or the standard finish (where the graphics are sized to the visible graphic area of the panels and placed in between the poles). If you’d like us to look at this to advise on the best size, we’re happy to do so.


What media should I choose?

For Shell Scheme graphics we offer 2 different materials: 240-micron Stoplight media (rollable graphics) or a 4.5mm cardboard. Both options are supplied with the required fittings and the rollable graphics are laminated with a matt laminate to provide a protective surface. The 4.5mm cardboard are left unlaminated for a full eco-friendly experience.

The 350-micron Stoplight media or Rollable Graphics option can be completely rolled up, easy for transportation and storage. Storage cases can be purchased at an additional cost.

The 4.5mm cardboard is a fully recyclable and reusable panel. With a fold at the centre of the panel, it'll reduce the height of the panel and make the perfect size for transportation.

What fittings do I need?

The shell scheme walls are usually provided with either a foam board or Velcro friendly fabric panels. Your exhibitor pack should detail which boards you’ll be provided with.

We have a choice of 2 fitting options for the graphic panels: hook & loop tape or magnetic tape. With both options we apply 1 side of the fitting onto the reverse of the panel ready and supply the opposite side of the fitting as a roll for you to attach to the shell scheme. Most Shell Scheme providers are happy with the use of hook & loop (Velcro) tape.

If your shell scheme is supplied with Velcro friendly fabric panels you will need the hook tape option.

If your shell scheme is supplied with Foam board panels you can use either the hook and loop tape or magnetic tape options.

How to order your Shell Scheme graphics

  1. Find out your Shell Scheme from the exhibition organiser 
  2. Choose which media you would prefer for your graphics along with the fittings required
  3. Decide if you want a standard or seamless finish for your stand and order the panels based on the size indicated in your exhibitor pack
  4. Design the artwork to the panel size required without crop or bleed
  5. Once ordered and printed we'll attach your chosen fittings to the reverse of the panels
  6. Apply the opposite side of the fittings (provided as a roll) to the Shell Scheme and attach the graphics

Order your Shell Scheme graphics here

shell scheme graphic panels