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Exhibition Stands from Go Displays

Exhibition Stands from Go Displays are unique as we manufacture every one of them. This means that from the moment you order, we will take care of the construction, design and print of your stand. Our aim is to create exhibition stands which excel and then last for many events to come. To achieve this, every display is manufactured and printed with high-quality materials, creating an excellent finish.

The framework of both our Pop Up Stands and Streamline Exhibition Stands is created with aluminium. This is ideal as it combines sturdiness with being extremely lightweight, making it easy to transport. When it comes to printing graphics, we always print onto Stoplight film, which creates a vibrant finish when using pigment based ink. The result is exhibition stands which are designed to last for many events to come.

The range of 2m x 2m exhibition stand bundles have been designed to fit specifically into a 2m x 2m floor space. You won’t need to worry about the stand design fitting, as we’ve checked this for you and provided everything you could need to effectively use a smaller 2m stand space size.

Accessorising smaller stand spaces can be harder as you’ll need to find the right balance between having enough print and having too much, and this is where the bundles make exhibiting even easier for you. We’ve taken some of the pressures away by supplying you with just the right amount of print, but in various bundles and stand configurations.

Within the 2m x 2m exhibition stand range you’ll be able to locate a number of our stands, such as the pop up stands, flexible streamline stand, Modulink display stand, Exhibit Modular exhibition Stands and LED light Boxes. Each stand range offers a different visual and design possibilities.

Modular Exhibition Stands

The Exhibit Modular Exhibition stands are the most versatile option when it comes to reconfiguring your stand design. The individual panels we’ve used in the 2m x 2m exhibition stand displays can be used in larger and smaller designs, all you have to do is connect the number of panels you need to create the desired width and shape.

For a full show stopping modular display, add accessories such as storage cupboards, arches and shelving, all of which show attention to detail.

Eco-friendly Exhibition Stand Displays

If you want to impress the crowd and make a conscious effort to use sustainable materials, the Modulink Exhibition stands are the perfect choice. Not only will you be able to create an outstanding display, but the ability to reuse or recycle the panels is available.

The fibreboard used for every aspect of the eco-friendly modular exhibition display is strong, reliable and 100% recyclable. The strength of the board ensures the stand can be reused as many times as required, but when the time comes, can simply be recycled and not end in landfill.

As with the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand, you can incorporate arches, cupboards and support plinths in future stand designs.

Pop Up Exhibition Stands

An exhibition favourite, the Pop Up Exhibition Stands are easy to use and continue to be a popular choice through all exhibition halls. Using the same great pop up mechanism and customized with printed panels, the Pop Up Stands create the intended visual as a straight, curved, exhibition wall, standard, jumbo or midi.

The available stand sizes and shapes ensure there’s an option for most eventualities.

Flexible Display Stands

Unlike any other display we offer, the Streamline Exhibition Display Stands include flexible panels that can curve and bend to create unique backdrop styles, but still have the ability to be used in a straight line.

As your stand design changes, the Streamline Display Stand has a design that can support you through these changes. Utilise the 1m wide panels to create bigger and smaller widths, and paired with the stands flexibility, it’s possible to have a unique end result.


Teamed with our range of exhibition stands, we’ve included a selection of our printed exhibition accessories which have been hand picked to compliment the stand size and backdrop. If you're looking for a different style or accessories, please contact our team!


Shell Scheme Graphics from Go Displays