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  1. Tex-Flex Fabric Sphere
    £829.20 £691.00
  2. Tex-Flex Straight Fabric Display
    £540.00 £450.00
  3. Tex-Flex Lightweight Fabric Banner
    £171.60 £143.00
  4. Tex-Flex C Booth Fabric Display
    £836.40 £697.00
  5. Tex-Flex Oval Counter
    £356.40 £297.00
  6. Tex-Flex Spiral Fabric Display
    £1,606.80 £1,339.00
  7. Tex-Flex Slink Fabric Display
    £1,356.00 £1,130.00
  8. Tex-Flex Curl Fabric Display
    £1,429.20 £1,191.00
  9. Tex-Flex Gate Fabric Display
    £1,713.60 £1,428.00
  10. Tex-Flex Bridge Fabric Display
    £1,017.60 £848.00
  11. Tex-Flex Curved Arch Display
    £1,057.20 £881.00
  12. Tex-Flex Tunnel Fabric Display
    £3,038.40 £2,532.00
  13. Tex-Flex Fabric Oval
    £682.80 £569.00
  14. Tex-Flex Fabric Booth
    £1,021.20 £851.00
  15. Tex-Flex Large Fabric Booth
    £2,230.80 £1,859.00
  16. Tex-Flex PR Fabric Banner
    £1,795.20 £1,496.00
  17. Tex-Flex Fountain Fabric Display
    £1,466.40 £1,222.00
  18. Tex-Flex Instant Counter
    £340.80 £284.00
  19. Tex-Flex Large Oval Counter
    £438.00 £365.00
  20. Tex-Flex Fabric 3m x 3m Tent
    £2,317.20 £1,931.00
  21. Tex-Flex Fabric 4m x 4m Tent
    £2,628.00 £2,190.00
  22. 3m x 6m Tex-Flex Stand
    £3,367.20 £2,806.00
  23. 6m x 6m Tex-Flex Exhibition Stand
    £4,033.20 £3,361.00
  24. 2m x 2m Tex-Flex Exhibition Stand
    £1,262.40 £1,052.00
  25. 4m x 7m Tex-Flex Exhibition Stand
    £4,330.80 £3,609.00
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Fabric Tex-Flex from Go Displays

Tex-Flex Displays

The Tex-Flex range has been designed using a stretch fabric and gives an individual look to your exhibition stand or accessory. The choice of a printed stretch fabric has enabled us to a showcase seamless display stand, which allow you to display your custom artwork without the breaks between the graphics.

In addition to the seamless finish, the Tex-Flex has a lot to offer in terms of style and display options. If you’re looking for a unique display which will stand out, offers different shapes and style, Tex-Flex is the solution for you.

Whilst the Tex-Flex range looks outstanding when placed in a space all together, feel free to mix and match your accessories and add them to your existing display units. Tex-Flex will enhance the displays you already have and will look equally as interesting when positioned as a stand alone item.

With a tube structure and printed graphic panel, the Tex-Flex is a lightweight display option which requires minimal space when dismantled and provides the ideal solution when transporting your stand to a range of venues.

The graphic panels included with each Tex-Flex display product have been printed using a unique printing technique which promises high quality pigmentation and colour for each event you attend.