Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands, new and exclusive to Go Displays

Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand Accessories

Adding accessories on to the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand allows you to complete the stand design with the finishing touches that can make all the difference to your stand. As the Exhibit display stand is modular, there is the freedom to add the selection of accessories onto a panel of your chosen, with a range of height and position options available.

When looking to place any of the accessories, you’ll also need the accessory panel, which gives the flexibility of placement and securely holds the chosen accessory in place. The accessory panel has multiple spaces and holes to allow for the shelves, monitor bracket and display hooks.

Adding shelves onto the Exhibit Modular Panels provides more display space that becomes part of the exhibition stand design. Being able to hold up to 9kg, it’s possible to showcase smaller accessories for either show purposes or to sell on the day of the event.

Single, double and waterfall display hooks provide 3 different methods to hang up an item or product. From clothes to promotional items, the available hooks allow a professional and evenly spaced placement of any displayed item.

Incorporating a TV in to the Exhibit Modular Exhibition  Stand is a subtle way to bring in a different media. The use of TV’s or monitors can be for advertising, adverts and promotional videos that can demonstrate your product being used or how your services can be utilized.

Fixing the accessories into place is made possible with the heavy duty accessory panel and all you need to do is choose the position. Once the position has been chosen, small cuts will be required through the printed panel to ensure the hooks go through the panel, into the accessory panel. View the assembly videos for the detailed assembly method.

The range of Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand Accessories subtly enhance the modular display and open up new design options to compliment your brand.

Exhibit Modular Display Stands Accessories