Folding Display Boards

Why Buy Next Day Display Boards from Go Displays?

Next Day Display Boards are there for you when you need a solution in a hurry. Available in a range of different styles and designs, all of the Next Day Display Boards are dispatched within 24 hours from when you order. Each design retains the lightweight and sturdy core which comes as standard with all of our folding display boards. The panels are covered with loop nylon fabric and we include self adhesive hook and loop dots with all of the Folding Display Boards we dispatch, so you can have your display set up in a matter of minutes after it arrives.

With each of the standalone Folding Display Boards, there is a fabric carry bag that can be purchased separately for easy transportation. So whether your previous display board is looking tired or you need a display tool urgently before an event, the Next Day Display Boards include everything that you need to be prepared in no time at all.

Why Buy Next Day Display Stands from Go Displays?

Next Day Display Stands provide a rapid solution when you need a display stand in a hurry. The panels feature a loop nylon fabric. This combines a soft yet durable material to create a stylish as well as more practical way of finishing the display boards. A major advantage of this material is that it is loop nylon, thereby allowing you to add and remove content without damaging the panel which helps to ensure the longevity of your display stand.

From one all the way up to eight panels, all of the Next Day Display Stands are dispatched within 24 hours. As soon as it arrives, we ensure that everything is included so that the display stand is ready to go when it arrives. This includes the panels and poles as well as 100 self adhesive hook dots, which allows you to have your display set up in a matter of minutes. We design all of the Display Stands to be lightweight yet sturdy once set up and to ensure this, we integrate a compressed core which allows the display boards to be transported easily.

International Delivery Available