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Event 7 Panel Display Boards in Electric Blue

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Dispatched same day if ordered by 11am

  • Includes 7 aluminium framed display panels & 100 self adhesive hook dots
  • Upholstered in Electric Blue loop nylon fabric
  • Find out which size posters fit the Event Displays Panels
  • Display Board Carry Bag available to purchase seperately
  • Each display board is 933x687mm, with a visible graphic area of 900x643mm
  • Panels easily lock together, allowing you set up in under five minutes
  • Design and manufactured by Go Displays


Part of the Event range Dispatched within 72 hours product video Manufactured in the UK
£314.40 £262.00

7 Panel Folding Display Boards provide everything our 6 Panel Folding Display Boards offer, except with the addition of a triangular central plinth. By including this additional dimension, you can incorporate a screen, iPad or leaflets to your display so you can truly engage with your audience. Despite the addition of the plinth, this does not take away from the overall portability of the Folding Display Boards, and the intuitive hinges ensure they are easy to pack away.

The 7 Panel Folding Display Boards are very versatile as they can be utilised as simple display stands at smaller events while also being used effectively at larger exhibition shows. With the introduction of the central triangular plinth, Folding Display Boards are great for displaying your own material while engaging with the public. Our Folding Display Boards are manufactured using a lightweight core so travelling from event to event is effortless.

All of our 7 Panel Folding Display Boards come complete with a a sturdy metal plinth top and hook dots to ensure you are well equipped as soon as your Folding Display Boards arrive. If you're looking for even more display space, the Event Displays Boards are double sided, and have the loop nylon fabric on the back!

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What are the benefits of the Event 7 Panel Folding Display Board?

  • Foldable and fits into storage bag (supplied separately)
  • Double sided display panels
  • Available in various loop nylon colours
  • Includes shelf
  • Lightweight and transportable

All folding display boards are made in the UK, by Go Displays. 

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Product specification for Event Folding Display Boards


Frame thickness - 11mm
Frame width - 15mm
Full panel size - 933mm x 687mm
Visible panel size - 900mm x 643mm

Jumbo panel size - 1800mm x 687mm
Jumbo visible size - 1767mm x 643mm


Frame - powder coated aluminium

Core - Honeycomb Core
Locking clips - ABS plastic

Event standard fabric - Loop Nylon
Event+ - Universe

Fire Safety Elements

Loop Nylon
Loop Nylon fabric has been tested to BS 5867-2 : Type B : 2008

Flammability performance is dependent upon components used

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Has a melting of 660°C and is not considered to be a fire hazard.

Universe Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 Type B

Box Sizes & Product Weights for Event Display Boards

Box Size

Freestanding panels - 97cm x 78cm x 15cm
Table Tops - 97cm x 75cm x 9cm
Jumbo panels - 188cm x 75cm x 9cm

Weights - Freestanding Event Displays Boards

4 Panel - 10kg
6 Panel - 12kg
7 Panel - 16.6kg (includes metal shelf)
8 Panel - 14kg

Single header - 1.5kg

Weights - Table Top Event Display Boards

3 Panel - 5.7kg

2 Panel - 3.5kg

3 Panel Landscape - 5.5kg

Weights - Jumbo Event Display Boards 

3 Panel Jumbo - 10kg
4 Panel Jumbo - 14kg
5 Panel Jumbo - 16.8kg

Weights - Event+ Pinnable

6 Panels - 11.6kg
7 Panels - 12.9kg (Includes metal shelf)
8 Panels - 14kg

Weights - Event+ Table Top

2 Panel - 4.6kg
3 Panel - 4.5kg

3 Panel Landscape - 6.5kg

Single header - 1.5kg