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Why Choose Display Boards from Go Displays?

We design our display boards to ensure they are extremely versatile and robust making them useful for various events in the future. Our folding display boards are a multifunctional marketing tool, which can be used in-house and when you are out promoting your organisation. Because of this, we only use high-quality materials such as a honeycomb core, to ensure every display is designed to last.

On our site you can find a variety of options available; with folding display boards, panel and pole display boards, table top display boards and more available. As the manufacturers, there is also the option to have a bespoke display board designed and created for you. If you are unsure quite which display would be suitable for your requirements, then please call us on 01733 232000 or send an e-mail over to

Event Display Boards

Available as a freestanding and table top solution, the Event Display Boards have a simple to use folding system and can be assembled and ready to us in minutes. The Event Display Boards are lightweight, easy to transport and have been a popular choice for schools and educational environments.

The Event Display Boards have a choice of pinnable fabric or loop nylon. The pinnable Universe fabric accepts pins only & the loop nylon works with hook adhesive dots. The loop nylon Event Display Boards are supplied with hook adhesive dots.

PanelFix Display Boards

The PanelFix Display Boards operate on a modular design and allow connection of as many display boards as needed to reach the intended width. You’ll be able to find the PanelFix Display Boards in multiple kits and sizes, ranging from large 1800mm high panels to A1 sizing.

The loop nylon display boards are compatible with the brushed aluminium poles and connect each panel with the next. The PanelFix Display Boards can be displayed landscape or portrait to suit the size posters you are wanting to exhibit.

Linx Display Boards

The Linx Display Boards have a similar design and appearance as the PanelFix displays. However, if you look closely, you’ll notice the circular 300mm bases which offer extra support and allow the board to width stand slightly more weight.

What’s more, the circular bases supply extra stability enabling the Link Display Boards to be used in medium traffic areas without any issues. Maximise the display opportunities by using both sides of the loop nylon display board, attaching all posters with hook adhesives dots.

Universal Display Boards

Strong, robust and usable beyond the standard display, the Universal Display Boards widen your display horizons and creates even more possibilities. Construct various shapes, consisting of an array of display board sizes that will suit the available space.

The Universal Display Boards are the deluxe choice and are suitable for heavy traffic areas and can withstand the weight of framed art. For large exhibitions, the Universal Display Boards can create an outstanding display and can easily be reconfigured for future events and exhibition spaces.

Display Boards Accessories from Go Displays

Each display board is designed with our customer requirements in mind, which is why we provide a range of options and accessories so that they're as effective as possible for you. Amongst the additions are display spotlights which can help your content to stand out, or we also provide printed Foamex boards which enables you to add high-quality versions of your content.

Alternatively, we also offer custom-printed display boards which feature bespoke graphic design and are ideal when you really need to make a statement. As part of our graphic design service, our team can produce unique designs which are developed from your ideas to create high quality designs. For further advice, please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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