Exhibit L Shape Modular Exhibition Stands

U Shape Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands

The modular aspect of the Exhibit Exhibition Stands means the panels and accessories can be used in a great deal of stand designs and we encourage your creative designs. However, if you’d prefer a pre-designed modular exhibition stand kit, then we’ve generated various U Shape stand designs that include enhancing accessories to take the design to the next level.

A sleek U Shape modular exhibition backdrop includes 3 customised walls, with 1 entrance point. Use the 3 walls to deliver your message by branding each of the rollable graphics with custom print. Single and double sided panels are available to cover the framework, supplied as a stoplight media graphic and layered with a matte laminate for a scuff resistant finish. To make the graphic installation quicker, we’re applied hook and loop tape the graphic and framework for you.

Across the Exhibit U Shape Modular Exhibition Stands, we’ve included the large accessories into the stand design to showcase how big you can go with the display stand. Storage cupboards and exhibition arches modify the standard U Shape configuration and add an extra element that changes the appearance and accentuates the U stand design.

In terms of assembling, the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand has a straight forward process. The frame is manufactured with a powder coated aluminium helping with installation, as each section is lightweight and easy to handle, making it possible to build with just 1 person. Each panel should take approximately 5 minutes, meaning the full U shape can be up and running in no time at all.

You’re able to transport and store the Exhibit Modular Panels with care, as the panels are supplied in individual boxes to make sure you can keep the pieces in order and organised.

Building a bespoke Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand

The straightforward design of the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand entails a simple process when building your own stand design to work within multiple stand spaces.

  • Firstly, look at the stand spaces you have and the amount of panels you'll need
  • Consider the shapes you can create from these panels
  • Which accessories would you like - arch or storage cupboard, or both?
  • Which smaller accessories will compliment the panels?
  • Create custom artwork for modular panels & accessories

Exhibit Exhibition Stand Assembly & Artwork Guides