6m x 6m Exhibition Stands

A 6m x 6m stand space provides a vast space to display your full pop-up exhibition stand and accessories. Having more space to play with is great but it’s also crucial to use the space to compliment and draw attention to the right areas.

For those who aren’t looking to design a full stand, we’ve taken your stand size and created a full design that will fit perfectly into a 6m x 6m stand space. Our bundles consist of a pop up exhibition stand, printed banners, leaflet dispensers and many more options which will transform a standard exhibition space into an eye-catching display tailored to your business and needs.

Alternatively, the 6m wide backdrop effortlessly fits the back of the stand and projects your marketing message to your attendees. By building your own bundle you’ll be able to choose each accessory and ultimately create a unique design suitable for your requirement.

Each pop up exhibition stand has been made and printed in the UK, with high quality materials and print that’ll see you through years of events. To discuss your exhibition needs, you can reach us on 01733 232000

6m x 6m pop up exhibition stand complete kit includes everything you need for your display
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  1. 6m Wide Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Stand
    £912.00 £1,094.40 £912.00
  2. 6m x 6m Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Stand
    £3,264.00 £3,916.80 £3,264.00
  3. 6m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,121.00 £1,345.20 £1,121.00
  4. 6m x 6m Tex-Flex Exhibition Stand
    £3,031.00 £3,637.20 £3,031.00
  5. 6m S Shape Pop Up Stand
    £1,495.00 £1,794.00 £1,495.00
  6. 6m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,044.00 £1,252.80 £1,044.00
  7. 6m x 6m Pop Up Room Exhibition Stand
    £5,536.00 £6,643.20 £5,536.00
  8. 6m x 6m Cross Exhibition Stand
    £5,535.00 £6,642.00 £5,535.00
  9. Cable Management Flooring + Black Edging
    £336.00 £403.20 £336.00
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9 Items

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