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  1. 3m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £711.60 £593.00
  2. 4m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £870.00 £725.00
  3. 5m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,186.80 £989.00
  4. 6m Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall
    £1,252.80 £1,044.00
  5. 5m Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall
    £1,304.40 £1,087.00
  6. 6m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,345.20 £1,121.00
  7. 7m Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall
    £1,386.00 £1,155.00
  8. 7m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,503.60 £1,253.00
  9. 9m Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall
    £1,572.00 £1,310.00
  10. 8m Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall
    £1,608.00 £1,340.00
  11. 10m Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall
    £1,672.80 £1,394.00
  12. 8m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,820.40 £1,517.00
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31 Items

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sustainable exhibition stands

Exhibition Walls & Backdrops

Cover a back wall with the help of Exhibition Stand Walls and Backdrops, the straight width of the display stand effectively covers the desired size and we’re certain it’ll make the intended impact. Throughout the range, we’ve used exhibition stands from the Pop Up Stand, Streamline, Modulink and Exhibit range, all of which come with their own benefits and a different appearance.

Pop Up Stand Exhibition Wall

Pop Up Stands are a popular choice and are well known within the exhibition world. Using the reliable pop up frame, which is easy to set up and can cover the backwall within minutes, rather than taking hours. The widths are created by connected multiple pop up stand frames together with a printed panel to keep the artwork flawless. Standard 2225mm and Jumbo 2957mm heights are available, but please check any heights restrictions for the events you’ll be attending.

Streamline Flexible Exhibition Stand

If exhibition stand flexibility is the most important factor to you, no stand rivals the Streamline Flexible Exhibition Stand. Provided with flexible 1m wide panels, the Streamline display stand can be used to create a straight exhibition wall, but for future events can be positioned to create a curve, L shape or unique bends. The Streamline Exhibition Stand is also modular, so you can create your chosen width by adding and removing the 1m wide panels. Select from various heights too!

Modulink Eco-friendly Display Stand

Unlike any other display, the Modulink Eco-friendly Exhibition Stand is made with a recyclable fibreboard material which offers an eco edge but with full reusability. The modular eco-friendly exhibition stands main material is sustainable and 100% recyclable, so if you’re looking for planet friendly alternatives, look no further. The Modulink exhibition backwalls are supplied with support columns which add an extra flare to a straight displays stand.

Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand

Configure and reconfigure with the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand. Designed with 970mm wide x 2.5m high panels, the Exhibit Modular exhibition stand can be used to create different shapes widths and even comes with a great choice of accessories. Adapt the straight backwall option adding printed arches, storage cupboards, lighting and more! Each modular panel can be used as single or double sided, increasing the usable possibilities and working for different stand spaces. Use the Exhibit’s modular design to create everything you need from an exhibition stand.