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Exhibition Stands from Go Displays

Go Displays are specialist manufacturers of exhibition stands, pop up displays and modular exhibition stands. We are dedicated to creating displays which are designed to help your organisation stand out from the crowd in exhibition halls and events throughout the year.

Whether you are regular exhibitor or you are planning for your first one, we manufacture a range of options which are tailored to your budget and your vision for the display.

With each exhibition stand, we also manufacture a selection of accessories and add-ons which can be integrated to enhance the overall display. From roller banners to promotional counters and leaflet dispensers, there are a number of tools which can be included with the exhibition stand.

We manufacture every exhibition stand exclusively with high-quality materials to create displays which are guaranteed to be reliable. This extends from the aluminium framework right the way through to the Stoplight film graphic panels. As a result, not only do these exhibition stands look excellent, but they are also designed to last for many exhibitions in the future.

Exhibition Bundles

Our aim is to make the exhibiting process as easy as possible for you, which is why we’ve created some fantastic pre-design exhibition display bundles. Within these bundles you’ll find everything you need to maximise the space in each stand, with the knowledge that each design has been hand picked.

Exhibition stand spaces are available in many different sizes, so it was important that we could demonstrate how amazing each stand space could be. No matter the size, or the budget available, there’s an option that can be chosen or tailored to your current exhibition display requirement.

Pop Up Display Stands

Who doesn’t love a Pop Up Exhibition Stand?

Our Premier Pop Up Stand is a firm favourite, and it’s here to stay. The simple pop up mechanism and the stoplight media panels are a great team and can be used to create a spectacle at any exhibition or tradeshow hall.

The Pop Up Exhibition Stand can create a backwall, L shape, U Shape and all of this is possible with a printed linking panel. Creating a unique pop up stand display is the result of the discreetly placed linking panel. With the use of an additional panel, we have the possibility to create different shapes and variations that will entice a crowd and draw away from the competition.

Streamline Pop Up Exhibition Stands

The Streamline Exhibition Stands are designed with a different structure to the Premier Pop Up Stand and use a pole and panel system. The pole and printed panel design presents a multifunctional, versatile and flexible display stand, that will support a business through a range of different stand shapes and sizes.

The flexible aspect of the Streamline Exhibition Display Stand is the most attractive USP. Flex and move the panels to create a shape of your choice – from U Shape, L Shape, Straight Back Drops and Waves.

Adjusting the width is also an easy task. Add and remove the 1m wide panels to a width of choice. By adjusting the width, the Streamline Exhibition Display Stand can be used within all stand spaces, regardless of size.

Shell Scheme Panels

Shell Scheme panels are custom printed and cut to size to suit the exact panel size of the exhibition shell scheme.

2 panel options are available;

Standard Print

The standard print option shows the panel size at the visible panel sizing. This shows the poles of the shell scheme between each panel.

Seamless Print

Made with multiple panels, the seamless effect covers the poles between the panels and allows the design to flow without the pole break in between.

Generally, the shell scheme will be available as 1, 2 or 3 sides, thus determine how many printed panels you’ll require.

Accessories and Extras

Accessories are what set the bundles apart and showcase how different bundles are made. The addition of exhibition counters, roller banner and leaflets dispenser ensure any floor space is used with a bold marketing tool.

Each element can be custom branded and reused. It’s important to note, that we’ve created the bundles to fit perfectly into each space, but feel free to create your own or reconfigure a set bundle to meet your requirements.

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