Go Displays FAQ's

Do you make your products in the UK?

Yes, we are a UK manufacturer, making our products to order.

Both screening and exhibition display products are made on site in the UK, promising high quality products and great service. You’ll find the made in UK logo across our product pages.


Are Go Displays and Rap Industries the same company?

Yes, we’re the same company!

The Go Displays website is tailored towards exhibition stands and display products with a small number of screening solutions. Whereas, Rap Industries focuses on office, medical and educational screening.

Visit the Rap Industries Website

Are your Pop Up Stands 3m x 3m?

We’re regularly asked about the Pop Up Display Stand sizing and whether the sizes relate to metres. All our Pop Up Display Stands are measured in cubes, rather than metres.

For full information about the Pop Up Stand measurements – click here

Can I adjust the Streamline Exhibition Display Stand?

The Streamline Exhibition Stand design is exclusive to Go Displays and we pride ourselves on the flexibility.

The stoplight media panels are flexible and can be used to create endless shapes and curves. In addition to the shape, the Streamline Display Stand can be adjusted in width by adding and removing 1m wide panels.

Can the 6 Panel Folding Display Board also be used as a Table Top Display?

Yes, the 6 Panels Display Board is created with x2 runs of 3 display panels. Each tier is connected with locking clips, therefore allowing the top and bottom display panels to be disconnected.

Use the panels as a freestanding display or a smaller table top version.

For more information on how posters fit into the display space – click here

Can the Pole & Panel Display Boards be positioned portrait?

Yes, the Panel & Pole Display Boards can be hung portrait, but for full flexibility, the panels can also be displayed landscape. Choose the orientation of the board and create a new visual each time the boards are used.

Combine the landscape and portrait panels to suit the posters or art you have to display.


Which Display Boards are most suited to Schools?

We have a wide selection of displays board, all of which can be used in an educational setting.

Using a display board in a classroom doesn’t only provide extra display space but can be used as additional learning tool for students, regardless of age. However, our display boards can be used further than the classroom and have been a useful additio to all parts of a school, college or university.

If you’re unsure on how display board can help your education setting – read more here.


How do I attach Shell Scheme panels?

Our Shell Scheme Panels, both rollable and eco-friendly, are easily attached with hook and loop self adhesive tape.

We’ll even attach the hook tape to the back of the panels for you so it saves even more time.

Find out how to order the correct shell scheme panel size with our guide

Do the Natural Products use any plastic?

The Natural range is made with a 4.5mm cardboard and is completely eco-friendly, without the use of any plastics or laminate. Whilst we urge you to reuse the items, when the banner or totem has no further use, simply recycle.


What are the differences between the Natural & Eco ranges?

The Natural Range uses a 4.5mm cardboard & the Eco Range has a more robust finish with the use of Xanita Board.

Xanita is a fibreboard material and is a great alternative to MDF , giving the appearence of a permanent looking display stand. Whilst laminate can be used with the fibreboard products, you can request for zero plastic, creating a 100% recyclable display unit.

Is the Modulink Exhibition Stand modular?

The Eco-friendly Modulink Exhibition Stands are made with single panels which are just under 1m wide. To make the Modulink Display Stand as interchangeable as possible, we advise to keep the design per panel.

This will allow for more flexibility on the number of variations you can create, all in different shapes and sizes.

To maximise the display possibilities, consider adding shelving and a display arch.

Can the Exhibition Bundles be changed?

We’ve created a large number of exhibition bundles to show you the possibilities but also to take some of the guess work out of designing a full display set up.

However, if you’d like to make any changes to the bundles, let us know and we can create a bespoke quotation.

For ideas and more design possibilities, find all Exhibition Stand Bundles here.

How do the Tex-Flex Display Stand differ to alternate exhibition stands?

The Tex-Flex Exhibition Stands and accessories don’t use the typical stoplight media, but use a stretch fabric instead.

The dye sublimation printed stretch fabric keeps your print vibrant and displays your artwork as a seamless graphic. Many of the Tex-Flex Exhibition Displays are available with a single or double sided print option. 

Are the LED Light Boxes double sided?

As standard, the LED Light Boxes offer double sided print. The fabric panels attach to the front and back of the aluminum frame, allowing the display of 2 different prints.

When new designs are needed, shop our LED Light Box replacement panels.

What Screening options do Go Displays have?

One of the main screening options Go Displays have available is Portable Room Dividers and Social Distancing Screens. Portable room dividers are a popular choice around offices, hospitals and used in schools as an educational tool.

For the more office screens and partition dividers, head over to Rap Industries.


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