10m x 10m Exhibition Stand Design by Go Displays

By booking a 10m x 10m exhibition stand there are even more display options and stand variations available. With so much space to play with, you have an incredible choice in the backdrop, accessories and the possible layout options.

The danger with a larger space is ensuring you use the vast space in an effective way, which is why we’ve created some pre-design exhibition displays that are tailored to a 10m x 10m exhibition stand space. Throughout the high quality and interesting design layouts, we’ve included a combination of backdrops, multiple accessories and all the finer details which bring the show stand together.

It’s without a doubt that you’ll have plenty of floor space available with the spacious stand size, so your job is to create an attractive backdrop to keep the attention, drawing potential customers into the centre of the immersive exhibition tradeshow display stand.

How to accessorize a 10m x 10m exhibition space?

The backdrop will speak volumes, but the accessories are the aspect that conclude the overall design. From exhibition counters, banner stands, printed totems, plinths and more, the smaller components make a big impact.

What’s more, the accessories are just as fantastic when used as a stand alone product. Utilise all aspects of the bundle as a full stand or as individual products.

Available tradeshow stand options

Keeping the backdrop classic, the Pop up Stands are still a popular choice within the exhibition room. Easy to build, store and transport, the Pop Up Stands are suitable for new and experienced exhibitors and resulting in a reliable display that can be used in multiple configurations.

For more flexibility and the ability to choose the shape you want on the day of the event, shop the Flexible Streamline Exhibition Stand. Offering 5 different heights, flexible panels and a light weight system to create endless shapes, sizes and configurations.

Modular exhibition stands are the ideal choice when you have the need to adjust the size and shape across multiple events through the year. The Modulink and Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands provide the modular aspect, whilst offering different styles. The Modulink display stand is lightweight, fully customizable and manufactured with a 100% recyclable material, making the stand part of the eco-friendly display range. Finally, the Exhibit Display, showcasing strong aluminium frames and complete with a rollable graphic and has the ability to connect panels of choice with the optional extra of arches and cupboards for the wow factor.