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Why buy Pop Up Stands from Go Displays?

As a UK Pop Up Stands manufacturer we are able to produce our exhibition stands at a very competitive price, which we pass on directly to our customers. All the printing & laminating of our products is completed at our premises in Peterborough, which gives us the competitive edge over other suppliers within the market place.

Premier Pop Up Exhibition stands are the best way to get your company noticed. They are very easy to use, affordable and offer a flexible display stand. Most Pop Up Display Stands are used for promotions but are suitable for a lot of other display purposes as well. They are designed to be used indoors and are the best choice for small exhibitions. Pop Up Stands are also very cost effective as they can be reused and last a long time. Replacement Pop Up Stand panels are also available which can update your Pop Up Display Stand for every exhibition or new product launch.

Pop Up Stands also have the convenience of being portable, easy to store and an easy display stand system to set up. Each Pop Up Display can be set up by one person in a matter of minutes. Taking a Pop Up Stand down after a show is also very easy, with all the stand hardware and graphic panels fitting neatly into the portable sturdy case, they can be easily stored until the next exhibition.

To enhance your Pop Up Exhibition Stand you can double up your display area by using the printed panels on the back of the display simply by having additional magnetic bars. A deluxe Pop Up Stand comes complete with spotlights, a wheeled storage case (the hardware, graphics and the spotlights will fit neatly inside) and also a printed graphic wrap which fits around the outside of the case to create a counter for your exhibition stand.

Designing your Pop Up Display Stand

Once you’ve selected the right type of Pop Up Stand for you and the available stand space, it’s time to create your artwork. Whilst we don’t offer an in house design service, we have an educated team who can support you with your artwork to ensure your Pop Up Stand Display panels are printed to a high standard.

For each of the Pop Up Displays, we have created a full artwork specification which shows a detailed layout of panel sizing and placement tips. Following the supplied artwork specifications is an integral part of the process and will ensure placement and panel designs are correct.

If you’re having any issues, or need further information, please contact a member of our team to talk you through the next steps.

Types of Pop Up Stand

Having a wide choice of Pop Up Stands is crucial when there are countless stand sizes, shapes and requirements. The Pop Up Stand design uses a cube by cube measurement system, rather than metre by metres. When selecting the Pop Up Stand size, please make sure you have checked and confirmed the footprint size of that specific stand.

There are options for a Curved Pop Up Stand, Straight Pop Up Display, L Shape Pop Up, Jumbo & Midi Pop Up Stands and a number of Pop up Exhibition Wall Stands. All Pop Up Stands, no matter the size, use the same framework and mechanism, promising quick, fuss free assembly.

In the event you’re looking for the most cost effective display option and the carry case isn’t require, opt for the Basic Pop Up Stand Kit. The basic kit includes the frame and printed panels, but without the Pop Up Stand case

How to Connect your Pop Up Stands

Unlike the Straight & Curved Pop Up Stands the L Shape, U Shape and Pop Up Exhibition Walls involve various stands, which connect together.

As part of the kit, you’ll receive a printed joining panel which connects each Pop Up Stand frame together and results in the desired shape. If you’ve selected a double sided print, a joining panel will be supplied for the back of the stand too.

Tips for assembling your Pop Up Stands

Our Premier Pop Up Stands are easy to assemble and in most cases require only one person. Whether you are new or have experience using the Pop Up Stands, there are a few things to remember when you start assembly to make the process quick and easy.

    • When the red clips are at the top of the display, this means the Pop Up Stands are the right way up. If you’ve opened the pop up stand the incorrect way, simply rotate until the red clips are at the top.
    • Each panel has a number on the back, please start with panel 1. Starting with the correct panel will ensure the rest of the panels fit into place
    • Keeping the Pop Up Stands and printed panels at room temperature 24 hours before use will assist with easy hanging panels and minimal curl.

Click here for the full assembly video for the Premier Pop Up Stands

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