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  1. Premier 3x3 Straight Pop Up Stand
    £322.00 £386.40 £322.00
  2. Premier 3x2 Straight Pop Up Stand
    £298.00 £357.60 £298.00
  3. Premier 3x4 Straight Pop Up Stand
    £408.00 £489.60 £408.00
  4. Premier 3x1 Straight Pop Up Stand
    £280.00 £336.00 £280.00
  5. Tex-Flex Straight Fabric Display
    £299.00 £358.80 £299.00
  6. 3x3 Straight Pop Up Stand Bundle
    £791.00 £949.20 £791.00
  7. 3x2 Pop Up Stand Bundle
    £677.00 £812.40 £677.00
  8. 3x1 Pop Up Stand Bundle
    £647.00 £776.40 £647.00
  9. Premier 3x2 Midi Pop Up
    £338.00 £405.60 £338.00
  10. Premier 3x3 Midi Pop Up
    £357.00 £428.40 £357.00
  11. Premier 3x4 Midi Pop Up
    £442.00 £530.40 £442.00
  12. Premier 4x2 Jumbo Pop Up
    £585.00 £702.00 £585.00
  13. Premier 4x3 Jumbo Pop Up
    £737.00 £884.40 £737.00
  14. Premier 4x4 Jumbo Pop Up
    £868.00 £1,041.60 £868.00
  15. Premier 4x5 Jumbo Pop Up
    £1,000.00 £1,200.00 £1,000.00
  16. 3m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £381.00 £457.20 £381.00
  17. 4m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £687.00 £824.40 £687.00
  18. 5m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,002.00 £1,202.40 £1,002.00
  19. 6m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,044.00 £1,252.80 £1,044.00
  20. 7m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,065.00 £1,278.00 £1,065.00
  21. 8m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,237.00 £1,484.40 £1,237.00
  22. 9m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,207.00 £1,448.40 £1,207.00
  23. 10m Pop Up Exhibition Wall
    £1,286.00 £1,543.20 £1,286.00
  24. Premier Tower Straight Pop Ups
    £838.00 £1,005.60 £838.00
  25. Premier Pop Up Monitor Arm
    £89.00 £106.80 £89.00
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26 Items

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Met Office Review for Go Displays

Straight Pop Up Stands from Go Displays

Straight Pop Up Stands from Go Displays have been a particular favourite for exhibitors for many years. We are able to keep our prices so competitively low as we manufacture and design the entire Pop Up Stand, from the framework to the printed panels. Straight Pop Ups are often used as backdrops on exhibitor's stands to allow them to maximise the space they have, but there are many different places you could use a Straight Pop Up Stand.

Straight Pop Up Stands are ideal for anyone attending a small event because they only require one person to assemble ready for the show and it only takes a few minutes! When you've leaving your Exhibition you won't need to worry about your Straight Pop Up Stand being complicated to pack away; the complete stand will fit into your wheeled graphics case. The stand itself is lightweight and easy to transport, so you'll have no problem travelling with your Pop Up Stand to all of your events. Like all our other Pop Up Stands the Straight Pop Up Displays can also be double sided, giving you even more space to advertise your company.

A Deluxe Straight Pop Up Stand includes Pop Up spotlights, a wheeled Pop Up storage case and a printed graphic wrap which fits around the Pop Up Stand case turning it into a counter for your stand.

Want help designing your Straight Pop Up Display Stand?

At Go Displays we offer an in-house Graphic Design service available for all our customers. We work closely with our customers to create your perfect design for your Pop Up Stand, based on your ideas and requirements. We aim to make this one less job you have to worry about, so when you're ordering a Pop Up Stand the process is as smooth as possible.

For anyone who is not sure what design they would like on their Pop Up Stand we also have a template Graphic Design service available. This service allows you to choose from our stock Template designs that are customisable with your company logo, choice of text and your images. If you're on a tight budget with your Pop Up Stand this is the ideal opinion for you.

Within our Graphic Design department we also have an extensive image library that is available for anyone using our Graphic Design service, where you'll find a wide variety of high resolution images. So even if your images are low quality, it doesn't mean your Pop Up Stand has to be, with a little help from Go Displays.

International Delivery Available