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Pop Up Stand artwork spec

Pop Up Stand Video Artwork Guide

Premier 4x4 Jumbo Pop Up Stand

Dispatched in 3-5 working days from receipt of order and artwork

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Go Displays.
  • Includes 6 graphic display panels, the pop up hardware, pop up portable display case.
  • 4 cubes high x 4 cubes wide, not 4 metres x 4 metres. See our Pop Up sizes explained
  • Pop Up recyclability 65%, Pop Up reusability 100%
  • Deluxe upgrade includes graphic wrapdisplay spotlight & counter top of your choice.
  • Graphics simply hooks over the top of the frame, allowing for a quick change of graphics.
  • Digitally printed in-house using high quality pigment-based ink, laminated for scuff resistance
  • 500 micron Pop Up panels, printed on a stoplight film and matt laminate finish
  • Jumbo 4x4 Curved Pop Up footprint size is 2957mm high x 3070mm wide x 960mm deep
  • Jumbo 4x4 Straight Pop Up footprint size is 2957mm high x 3435mm wide x 306mm deep
Artwork Guides for Premier Pop up Stands Dispatched within 5 working days Product video manufactured in the UK
£1,086.00 £905.00

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf

The 4x4 Jumbo Pop Up stand has been created with the measurement of 4 cubes high x 4 cubes in width. By opting for the Jumbo Pop Up Display Stand, you’ll be seen from around the exhibition hall and able to create a noticeable impact.

Our popular Premier Pop Up Display comes supplied with 6 printed panels, pop up mechanism and a black carry case. Utilise the Jumbo Exhibition Stand as a main feature or backdrop within your exhibition stand space and effectively display your marketing message with the stoplight media graphic panels.

Transform your carry case into a branded podium with the deluxe upgrade kit. As part of the upgrade kit you will receive a printed graphic wrap for the case, black or acrylic top along with 2 LED lights. Create a dual purpose case also used for transportation.

What are the benefits of the Jumbo Pop Up Stand?

  • Add custom print
  • Made in the UK
  • 2957mm in height
  • Replacement panels available
  • Portable carry case

All exhibition stands and pop up displays are made and manufactured in the UK, by Go Displays.

We recommend purchasing Stabilising Feet when using a Monitor Stand

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Watch our Pop Up video here for a detailed explanation of how to assemble your pop up from start to finish. 



You can also find our user instructions in a PDF copy for the pop up stand here

4x4 Pop Up Artwork Dimensions:

Curved-Single Sided
Artwork Size = 2957mm (h) x 4038mm (w)
25% artwork size = 739.25mm (h) x 1009.5mm (w)

Curved-Double Sided
Artwork Size = 2957mm (h) x 8746mm (w)

25% artwork size = 739.25mm (h) x 2186.5mm (w)

Straight- Single Sided
Artwork Size = 2957mm (h) x 4274mm (w)

25% artwork size = 739.25mm (h) x 1068.5mm (w)

Straight- Double Sided
Artwork Size = 2957mm (h) x 7202mm (w)

25% artwork size = 739.25mm (h) x 1800.5mm (w)

The artwork specifications can be found here

Please provide your artwork as a high resolution PDF with no crop or bleed

You can upload your own artwork by clicking the link below or email us at

Click Here To Use Mail Big File

Product Specification for Pop Up Exhibition Stands

Panel Measurements

Curved Pop Up (Width) - Front panel 673mm / D end 673mm / Back panel 807mm
Straight Pop Up (Width) - Front panel 732mm / D end 673mm / Back panel 732mm

Ghost panels can vary on L shape, U Shape & bespoke shape stands. 

Carry case - 980mm H x 610mm W x 390mm D

Stability feet - 500mm D x 70mm W


Pop Up frame - Aluminium
Frame pegs - ABS plastic
Frame storks - Aluminium, ABS plastic, Magnets
Panels - 350 stoplight Media + 150 Laminate, Magnetic tape, ABS plastic clips
Magnet bars - Aluminium, ABS plastic, Magnets
Carry case - Black tough moulded polythene
Stability feet - Steel

Box Sizes & Product Weights


Box Size - 98cm x 61cm x 41cm (Size for all Jumbo pop up stands)

Weights - Single Sided Pop Up

Weight includes all framework, panels, case and packaging
Applicable for Straight & Curved

4x2 - 30kg
4x3 - 35kg
4x4 - 40kg
4x5 - 45kg

Weights - Double Sided Pop Up

4x2 - 35kg
4x3 - 45kg
4x4 - 52kg
4x5 - 65kg

Supplied with x1 case per stand. Reverse panels are supplied in cardboard box.

Deluxe upgrade kit - 3kg

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