Eco-friendly Modular displays made with Xanita from Go Displays


Modulink Modular Displays

Our Modulink Modular displays have been designed and created with the use of Xanita. Xanita is a fibreboard material, which is lightweight, robust, non-toxic, flat packable and 100% recyclable. By using an eco-friendly alternative Go Displays have been able to push event solutions into a new direction.

As part of the title, the Modulink is a modular display stand. The Modulink name comes from the use of single panels, which are linked together in order to create a bespoke stand design, tailored to individual needs. A sustainable modular display can be configured as an L shape, back wall feature or as fully custom project.

Each of the panels will be completed with your custom artwork, which promises a high quality display stand that effectively details your business and highlights key features. No matter the design or shape, Xanita has the strength and design ability to bring your unique accessories and display stands to life.

Speak with our design team on 01733 232000, we will be there every step of the way to support you on your custom stand design journey

How to maximise the eco-friendly Modulink Displays

Part of the modular design means adjusting the style and shape of your exhibition stands, but there’s a way that will ensure you get the most out of your panels and be able to maximise display opportunities.

When creating artwork, rather than having 1 continual design that shows images and text flowing across panels and potentially sitting on the join of the panel, we recommend creating a design per panel. The design can still be cohesive, but by limiting the design per panel, it’s possible to make changes to the configuration without disturbing the artworks natural flow.

Replacing Modulink Exhibition Stand Panels

Replacement panels are available for the Modulink Modular Exhibition Stand and can be purchased per panel. If you’d like to increase the width and adjust the shape, consider adding more panels. Please let us know if this is a central or end panel, as this will be important to ensure the correct type of panel is provided.

Accessorising the eco-friendly Modulink Display Stand

It doesn’t stop with the backdrops, in fact with the available accessories make it possible to build on your stand design over time.

Exhibition arches and storage cupboards are 2 of the most sought after accessories, as both bring a new element to an exhibition stand, changing it from one design to another. Both options can be added at any time, please check with a member of our team if adding to an existing stand.

The arch consists of an overhead panel and a double sided support column which sits within the stand space. The support column is available with and without shelving, opening up more space to display small, lightweight samples and products.

Turning a 1m x 1m section of a stand space into storage is a clever way to use space and makes the day of the exhibition even easier. Store and hide away any additional storage boxes and personal belonging, as not to affect the overall appearance of your modular exhibition stand with unwanted clutter.

Modulink Modular Exhibition Stand Assembly