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  1. 3m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,512.00 £1,260.00
  2. 4m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £1,764.00 £1,470.00
  3. 5m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £2,016.00 £1,680.00
  4. 6m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £2,268.00 £1,890.00
  5. 7m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £2,520.00 £2,100.00
  6. 8m Modulink Exhibition Wall
    £2,772.00 £2,310.00
  7. 4m x 6m Modulink Exhibition Stand
    £3,466.80 £2,889.00
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Modulink Modular Exhibition Walls

Used in a straight configuration, the Modulink Exhibition Walls effectively cover the back wall of an exhibition space. With single and double sided modular exhibition walls, the display options are maximized and you’ll have decisions to make over the type of stand space you’d like to book.

To change the look of a straight exhibition wall, we’ve included the support columns that supply extra stability whilst adding to the appearance. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a harmonious design by adding artwork onto the support columns too!

Single sided Modulink Exhibition Walls work best when there’s a shell scheme or a wall that sits behind the exhibition stand and conceals the back of the stand. As the back of the stand is open, all that’s visible is the back of the panel.

Double sided walls consist of printed panels at the front and back of the stand, therefore creating a full 360 printed display stand. Regardless of the viewing direction there will be some print on show, working well to draw a crowd into your stand space.

The Modulink Exhibition Stand range reaches out to those that are wanting to make better choices for the environment whilst still meeting their stand design requirements. Manufactured with fibreboard, each panel and accessory has eco credentials and will reduce the amount of materials ending in landfill. Nevertheless, the Modulink Exhibition Wall can be reused and stored in the supplied box. Look after the panels well and the Modulink Display will support your business through plenty of events.

If the single and double sided wall aren’t enough, the available accessories are sure to complete the stand design. Exhibition arch, storage cupboard, shelving and monitor arm are all available to enhance the Modulink Modular Exhibition Walls.

Why choose an eco-friendly modular exhibition wall?

  • Light weight panels
  • Includes customised printing
  • Easy to install
  • Manufactured with a recyclable and sustainable material
  • Flatpacked design

Eco-friendly exhibition stand with storage