Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand Accessories

Exhibit L Shape Modular Exhibition Stands

An L Shape configuration covers 2 of the exhibition walls, connecting in the corner to form the L Shape that’ll work together with the printed graphics to showcase your business and brand. The Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand creates the L Shape with ease, as the modular panels are designed for constant change and easily connect together using the supplied fittings.

As the size of the stand spaces change, there are ways to elevate the design and change the appearance of the typical L shape backdrop. Replacing the corner panels for an exhibition cupboard is a great way to use floor space, providing a functional accessory without disturbing the graphic panels. The exhibition cupboards are fully branded, enabling the attachment of rollable graphics to blend the modular panels into the side of the storage cupboard. Incorporating designated space for storage elements any disarray on the stand, keeping it tidy and professional.

Other options include the L shape modular exhibition stand with an arch. The perfect solution when you’d prefer not to lose any floor space. Exhibition arches include the single sided overhead panel and the double-sided panel that sits within the floor space, the only space that’s taken up is the width of the panel. Utilise the overhead feature for clever branding and dramatic stand feature.

However, you don’t have to use these accessories separately, if you really can’t decide, add both!

The Exhibit L Shape Modular Exhibition Stand pieces together single panels that measure 970mm wide x 2500mm high. Longevity, strong structures and lightweight materials were important to us, and this is why the Exhibit display panels are manufactured with a powder coated aluminium to tick all the right boxes. For extra support and weight, half and full stabilizing feet are available which are made with a powder coated steel.

We understand that all flooring and environments are different which can be an issue for some exhibition stands. As part of the crossbar at the base of the panel, we’ve included a built in adjustable foot to ensure that regardless of uneven flooring, your custom printed graphic panels will line up exactly as you envisioned.

If you’re unable to find the L shape to match your stand size, the modular design enables the panels to be reconfigured into a shape of choice. Alternatively, start from scratch and build your very own Exhibit Modular Display.

How to create your bespoke Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stand

  • Choose the correct number of panels to create the width & shape of choice
  • Consider additional accessories such as storage cupboard, arch, monitor arm etc
  • Create custom artwork for either single or double sided print

The modular design of the Exhibit Display Stand means the process of creating your own stand is quick, easy and flexible to adhere to your exhibition plans. For more details on how the stand functions and the assembly process involved, watch our full video guides for the modular panels and the available accessories. 

Assembly Guides for the Exhibit Modular Exhibition Stands