Large Display Boards

Jumbo Display Boards from Go Displays

Our Jumbo Display Boards are the best way to stand out from the crowd when you have a lot of material to exhibit. The jumbo size of display boards is available as part of many of our ranges from folding display boards to our portable room dividers. Each standard design of Jumbo Display Boards is assembled with Velcro friendly loop nylon fabric which makes it simple to attach material using the Velcro dots we provide with your Jumbo Display Boards.

At Go Displays, your Jumbo Display Boards are fully customisable as we manufacture all of our display boards in house at our site in Peterborough. Jumbo Display Boards can be tailor made to include different widths or as many panels as you require to achieve your ideal presenting space.

There is a breadth of options when it comes to picking your Jumbo Display Boards from Go Displays. From portable room dividers to standalone display boards, we have multiple options to fill your exhibiting space. Each range of Jumbo Display Boards suit different exhibition spaces. For example, our Universal Big Panels Displays have the option to change their panel orientation whilst our Mobi Portable Room Dividers feature castor wheels to make moving your display easy.

Event Display Boards are the ideal exhibition range.

Please Note: For additional information on the capabilities of each type of stand, see our detailed cheklist below.

Panel and Pole Displays

Universal Display Boards

Looking to make your Jumbo Display Boards stand out?

Jumbo Display Boards are available with a selection of different accessories which can add the finishing touches to your display boards. Our Event and Universal ranges of Jumbo Display Boards give you the option of adding two display spotlights to illuminate your presentation. If you opt for loop nylon fabric Jumbo Display Boards, then there are 10 different colours to choose from to ensure that your design is in-keeping with your organisation's brand.

To create a permanent exhibition for your Jumbo Display Boards, then on selected products we offer printed designs, allowing you to work with our in-house graphic design team to create a style for your display boards which suits your vision. With over 20 years' experience in the industry, our team are fully equipped to make your ideal Jumbo Display Boards.

Despite the increased size of the Jumbo Display Boards, this does not take away from the portability of the display boards. With all of our Jumbo Display Boards we create each using a lightweight core which is pressed together to make it extremely robust, so despite the increased size of the display boards, this does not take away from their flexibility.

Why use a Large Display Board?

Each Large Display Board begins with a honeycomb core. This is unique in the sense that it allows the panels to remain surprisingly lightweight whilst still being sturdy. To achieve this, the core is compressed, allowing us to reduce the number of materials used, while still creating a solid panel. These are then covered with a loop nylon fabric and therefore your content can be applied using self adhesive hook dots which are included with the Large Display Boards. This is available in a selection of colours and on many of our Folding Display Boards, opting for the electric blue colour makes yours eligible for dispatch within 24 hours.

Once they arrive, the Large Display Boards are designed to be very easy to setup, so simply put the panels together and you are ready to display. The intuitive folding design means the Large Display Boards can be packed up and stored away for future use. This also means that the display boards are simple to transport, meaning they can accompany you when you need to exhibit while on the move. If you would like further information on the Large Display Boards then you can give us a call on 01733 232000 or send an e-mail to and our advisors would be more than happy to help.

International Delivery Available