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Event 3 Panel Jumbo Display Boards

Dispatched within 5 working days

  • Designed and manufactured by Go Displays.
  • Includes 3 aluminium framed Jumbo Display Boards.
  • The maximum display area on a single side is 1800mm x 2063mm.
  • The header panel is 300mm x 687mm with a visible graphic area of 267mm x 643mm.
  • Customise with a variety of accessories, including spotlights and printed posters.
  • Display Boards upholstered with Loop Nylon fabric
Loop Nylon Fabric Colours for Display Boards Dispatched within 5 working days product video Manufactured in the UK
£259.20 £216.00

The Event 3 Jumbo Display System provides a compact option for displaying a large amount of content. With the jumbo panels, there is additional space at the top of the display boards, so you can add all of your content without the need to add an extra panel. The intuitive hinges ensure the display boards can be neatly folded together, making it suitable to be transported to a different venue if required.

The fact that the Event 3 Jumbo Display Boards can be neatly packed away makes them ideal for use as a temporary display space. In particular, schools, hospitals and more can benefit from the coverage the Event 3 Jumbo Display Boards provide. Each panel of the display boards is designed to be lightweight, so when it comes to taking it down, they can be neatly packed away until when you need them next.

If your exhibition is intended to be a little bit longer or you are attempting to attract new clients, then we have a selection of options to draw more attention to the Event 3 Jumbo Display Boards. Display spotlights are ideal for quite literally shining a light on your content, meanwhile printed posters provide a professional finish to your content if required.

What are the benefits of the Event 3 Jumbo Display Board?

  • Double sided display board
  • 1800mm high panels
  • Folding panels
  • Freestanding design
  • Accepts hook self adhesive dots

All loop nylon display boards are made in the UK, by Go Displays. 

PLEASE NOTE: These colour samples are for guidance and representation only. Due to limitations with colour screen viewing, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Fabric samples are available on request. Please call our customer service team on 01733 232000.

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Product specification for Event Folding Display Boards


Frame thickness - 11mm
Frame width - 15mm
Full panel size - 933mm x 687mm
Visible panel size - 900mm x 643mm

Jumbo panel size - 1800mm x 687mm
Jumbo visible size - 1767mm x 643mm


Frame - powder coated aluminium

Core - Honeycomb Core
Locking clips - ABS plastic

Event standard fabric - Loop Nylon
Event+ - Universe

Fire Safety Elements

Loop Nylon
Loop Nylon fabric has been tested to BS 5867-2 : Type B : 2008

Flammability performance is dependent upon components used

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Has a melting of 660°C and is not considered to be a fire hazard.

Universe Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 Type B

Box Sizes & Product Weights for Event Display Boards

Box Size

Freestanding panels - 97cm x 78cm x 15cm
Table Tops - 97cm x 75cm x 9cm
Jumbo panels - 188cm x 75cm x 9cm

Weights - Freestanding Event Displays Boards

4 Panel - 10kg
6 Panel - 12kg
7 Panel - 16.6kg (includes metal shelf)
8 Panel - 14kg

Single header - 1.5kg

Weights - Table Top Event Display Boards

3 Panel - 5.7kg

2 Panel - 3.5kg

3 Panel Landscape - 5.5kg

Weights - Jumbo Event Display Boards 

3 Panel Jumbo - 10kg
4 Panel Jumbo - 14kg
5 Panel Jumbo - 16.8kg

Weights - Event+ Pinnable

6 Panels - 11.6kg
7 Panels - 12.9kg (Includes metal shelf)
8 Panels - 14kg

Weights - Event+ Table Top

2 Panel - 4.6kg
3 Panel - 4.5kg

3 Panel Landscape - 6.5kg

Single header - 1.5kg

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