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  1. Brandon Leaflet Holder
    £254.40 £212.00
  2. Natural Cube Totem Display
    £36.00 £30.00
  3. Fusion iPad Stand
    £360.00 £300.00
  4. Hudson Plinth
    £187.20 £156.00
  5. Cascade Leaflet Dispenser
    £261.60 £218.00
  6. Saxon Exhibition Plinth
    £135.60 £113.00
  7. Sovereign Media Stand
    £277.20 £231.00
  8. Promo Tower
    £451.20 £376.00
  9. Modulink Arch
    £756.00 £630.00
  10. Natural Tile Totem
    £69.60 £58.00
  11. Prime Exhibition Counter
    £518.40 £432.00
  12. Modulink Support Plinth
    £216.00 £180.00
  13. Modulink Exhibition Table
    £648.00 £540.00
  14. Modulink Display Half Walls
    £324.00 £270.00
  15. Modulink Freestanding Cupboard
    £1,080.00 £900.00
  16. Modulink Connected Cupboard
    £648.00 £540.00
  17. Stage Banner
    £163.20 £136.00
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23 Items

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Eco-friendly displays made with Xanita from Go Displays


Eco-Friendly Display Accessories

Displaying accessories within your stand design adds important finishing touches and welcomes useful extras to enhance your final design. As with all of our products in the eco-friendly range, you’ll be able to find the perfect accessory made with cardboard or Xanita. Remember to request any product without laminate to have a 100% recyclable product.

Accessories are available in the form of leaflet holders, dump bins, media holders and totems. All of which have a place inside your stand space and can be customised with your artwork for an individual feel.

Each of the displays allow you to effectively display your brand message and corporate details, whilst being functional and an integral component to your design. Stylishly showcase products and samples, for an interactive element and watch as the crowd appears to learn more about your business.

The material used to create the eco range offer a lightweight, flatpack solution which can be transported from venue to venue. With an eco-friendly label, we haven’t compromised on quality and have heightened the display possibilities with custom products and our bespoke design service.

More about the materials used for the eco-friendly accessories range

The Natural range is a simplistic design that uses a 4.5mm cardboard which is incredibly lightweight. A material that is so lightweight is ideal when travelling to and from events, both in and out of the UK. Without the use of any plastics, the natural range of accessories are completely recyclable, and can be discarded at end of life into any recycling bin. That being said, the natural products can be reused again and again. For longevity, store in the supplied packaging and handle with care.

Xanita board is a fibreboard material with an open cell structure providing the material with the strength and integrity to create exhibition accessories such as counters, leaflet holders and media stands. Our choice of fibreboard is 100% recyclable and sustainable and can withstand an impressive amount of weight. What’s more, the material enables full custom printing so it’s possible to include branding and logo’s.

Creating artwork for your eco-friendly accessories

Choosing a printed accessory means creating bespoke artwork to compliment the product and your stand design. To help with the artwork, our natural and eco range have available templates that ensure the placement of logo’s and images are exactly where you need them to be.

We use the supplied file to print and cut the product which keeps all our accessories at the same quality level each time.