How to care for your Pop Up graphics


Removing your graphic panels from the case

Step 1 of caring for your graphic panels Step 2 of caring for your graphic panels
Step 3 of caring for your graphic panels Step 4 of caring for your graphic panels


Storing your graphics 

Storing your graphic panels

  • Your graphic panels should always be stored in the case provided.
  • Place the panels into the case one at a time, remove from the case one at a time.
  • Do not roll the panels too tightly as this can cause a permanent curl.
  • We recommend storing the panels at room temperature for 24 hours before use to avoid the panels curling.


Panels not lining up?

Lining up your graphic panels

  • Check that the panels are attached correctly on the twin pegs at the top of the frame. The panels should all sit inline at the top of the frame. 
  • Detach the graphic panel at the bottom of both sides and pull gently downwards until the panels line up. 
  • Please note there is an industry standard that allows for a 2.5mm tolerance per panel, 5mm over 2 panels.


Magnets not working?

Why are your magnets not working

  • Make sure the magnetic vertical bards are fitted correctly to the frame.
  • Check the graphic panels are lined up with the centre line of the magnetic bar. If this overlays at all it will give the appearance that part of the magentic bar isn't working.
  • When separating the magnetic bars, do not rub the backing magnet across the face of the bar, as this will remove the magnetism from the bars.


Marks on the graphic panels

How to clean marks on your graphic panels

  • Use a cloth dampened with tepid water (no chemicals) and gently rub over the mark.