Why Buy Folding Display Plinths?

Folding Display Plinths are constructed using the same materials as the associated Folding Display Boards. Each of the Folding Display Plinths begin with a lightweight core to make transporting display plinths as easy as possible. We press each panel of the Folding Display Plinths under immense pressure to make them sturdy so when you are exhibiting, the display plinths can be relied upon to stand firmly. To finish the Folding Display Plinths off, we then upholster each with your fabric colour of choice.

The major advantage of producing our Folding Display Plinths in house at Go Displays is we can manufacture them to match the rest of your display. Depending on what you need Folding Display Plinths for, the display plinths are available in a range of different shapes and sizes so you can pick display plinths which suit your needs. It also enables us to perform quality checks throughout the manufacturing process so you can be sure your Folding Display Plinths are rock solid if you intend to place a laptop or iPad on top of them.

The Folding Display Plinths feature the same clip and lock system as our Folding Display Boards to make setting up and packing away take under 5 minutes. We provide a metal top with all of our Folding Display Plinths so you have a solid surface from which to display from. As we exclusively use quality materials during the production process with the Folding Display Plinths, this means we are confident the material will be resistant to tears and fraying which is why we include a five year guarantee with all of the Folding Display Plinths we dispatch.

If you would like further information regarding what our Folding Display Plinths can add to your display boards then please give our team of advisors a call on 01733 232000 or e-mail them at [email protected]

Why Buy Folding Display Plinths from Go Displays?

Folding Display Plinths are designed to enhance as well as provide an additional dimension to your Folding Display Boards. Each integrates the design of our Event displays, which means they incorporate the lightweight core, thereby guaranteeing that they are effortless to transport with your display. All of the Folding Display Plinths also feature the loop nylon fabric, which allows these to also be customised to integrate with your content. This fabric is available in ten different fabric colours, so you can pick out the best to complement the design of your display.

The added benefit of the Folding Display Plinths is that they feature a metal top, which allows them to be used as a base for promotional material or an electronic device. All of this neatly packs away so that the Folding Display Plinths can be easily transported with your Folding Display Boards. If you are looking for a more bespoke option, then we also offer Printed Folding Display Plinths which feature high quality graphic design. As part of our graphic design service, we offer to create and develop the artwork based on your ideas in order to create a truly unique Folding Display Plinth.

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