How to Assemble the Modulink



The Modulink Exhibition Stand is a 100% recyclable and re-usable display solution, that gives you both an eco-friendly and effective high quality tradeshow stand. Designed and manufactured using Xanita fibreboard, the Modulink is the perfect fit for any exhibitor looking for a high-end permanent display that's also modular and versatile. The backdrop, whethe straight, l shaped, u shaped or bespoke, is provided as individual panels that connect together using the provided fittings to create the overall stand. Add ons such as archways, shelves, TV brackets and storage cupboards are also available to really maximise your stand in the space you have available. 

As the name suggests the Modulink is a modular solution where panels and accessories link together to create your ideal stand. The panels are supplied with pre-cut v notches on the reverse where the tabs fold back. These tabs link together with the panel next to it with the supplied bolts through the pre-drilled holes. As these tabs at the back of the display they won't be visible from the front and will leave you with a seamless finish. When the stand is double sided these fittings and join sit in the centre of the display (between the front and back walls). The archways, shelves and TV brackets can be fitted wherever you require on the stand. We provide you with the stencil for the cut outs, which you hold against your panel of choice, make the required cuts with a stanley knife and attach via the tabs. 


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Modulink Stands can be found here