How to Assemble a Pop Up Stand



Everything you need to assemble and use your Pop Up Stand is provided when you purchase 1 of our kits. We've created this how to video showing a real time demonstration of the Pop Up Stand assembly.

The Pop Up Stand framework works exactly like the name suggests, it 'pops' open by gently pulling the frame out and up until the locking magnetic arms connect together in the centre of the framework, making sure that the red support twin pegs are positioned at the top.

Place the magnetic bars into the designated positions to lock the frame together and be ready in place for the graphic panels to attach to. After unrolling the graphic panels the red hanger hook on the back of the panel connects to the red support twin peg at the top of the frame. Make sure to gently pull the panel down to ensure that the hook is properly secured onto the peg. The magnetic strip on the back left and right side of the graphic panel will connect to the magnetic bars already in place on the Pop Up frame to hold the panel in place. Check that the panel is connected from the top to the bottom and sits flush. Start with panel 1 and work from left to right in panel number order (1,2,3,4,5 etc).

If assembled correctly the panels should all sit in line at the top of the frame. If you notice any issues with the images or text of your graphics not lining up this is usually the problem and means that your panels are not pulled down enough onto the pegs. In this case lift the panel from the bottom and gently pull downwards until the panels are in line across the top of the frame or your image/text lines up with the panel next to it.

We also provide how to videos for the upgrade options including the Pop Up lights and TV monitor bracket, showing full instructions on how these can be attached. 


An additional video showing the Premier Pop Up range is available to view here


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Pop Up Stands can be found here