Premier Pop Up Stands



Pop Up Stands have become a staple at any exhibition and a popular choice amongst both novice and experienced exhibitiors. This is largely due to the portability of the system as well as how quick and easy they are to assemble while still providing a high quality display solution.

Available in a wide range of sizes, finishes and shapes, our Premier Pop Ups range has something for stand size and layout. The Pop Ups are available in 3 height options; Standard (2225mm), Midi (1850mm) and Jumbo (2957mm). Each height option is then available in up to 5 widths (view our Pop Up Sizes guide here). As well as the Curved and Straight styles we also offer a variety of different shapes such as L Shape, S Shape, Island, Walls as well as bespoke solutions. 

Our Pop Up video shows a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the Pop Up Stands, including close ups of the fittings and a time-lapse full assembly of a complete stand. 

The video also provides information on the different Pop Up sizes and designs are available as standard within our range, as well as what's included in the kit. We also cover what upgrade options are available including the Pop Up lights and TV monitor bracket, both of which have separate videos showing full instructions on how these can be attached. 

An additional video showing the full assembly guide of a 3x3 Pop Up Stand is available to view here

We've also created a video how to guide to help with designing the artwork for your Pop Up Stand that can be used alongside the artwork specification guide to make the design process as simple as possible.


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Pop Up Stands can be found here