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  1. 2m x 4m Triangle Stand
    £1,675.20 £1,396.00
  2. 2m x 6m Island Pop Up Stand
    £3,506.40 £2,922.00
  3. 3m x 3m Jumbo Island Stand
    £3,056.40 £2,547.00
  4. 3m x 6m Exhibition Stand Bundle
    £2,652.00 £2,210.00
  5. 4m x 6m F Shape Pop Up Bundle
    £3,363.60 £2,803.00
  6. 4m x 6m Pop Up Bundle
    £3,933.60 £3,278.00
  7. 5m x 6m Island Exhibition Stand
    £3,066.00 £2,555.00
  8. 6m x 6m Cross Exhibition Stand
    £7,423.20 £6,186.00
  9. 8m x 10m Quad Exhibition Stand
    £8,961.60 £7,468.00
  10. 8m x 10m S Shape Exhibition Stand
    £10,620.00 £8,850.00
  11. Quad Island 3x3 Pop up Stand
    £2,174.40 £1,812.00
  12. Triple Island 3x2 Pop Up Stand
    £1,540.80 £1,284.00
  13. Triple Island 3x3 Pop Up Stand
    £1,630.80 £1,359.00
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15 Items

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Streamline Modular Exhibition Stands

Island Pop Up Displays from Go Displays

As an exhibition specialists Go Displays are dedicated to making sure you make the most out of your stand space, and an Island Pop Up Display will help you do just that. The Island Pop Up Displays are designed to promote your business on a large scale, so are only suitable if you have a large area to fill e.g. a large centre stand at an exhibition. The Island Pop Up Displays allow you to use either the 3 or 4 sides to advertise all aspects of your company whilst also creating individual sales booths for you and your reps at the show. This way you can target the exhibitors from all angles. Each of Island Pop Up Displays are made up of 3 or 4 Curved Pop Up Stands to create a triangle or cube shaped display.

The Island Pop Up Stands completely pack up into the 3 or 4 wheeled graphic cases provided with each kit, allowing you to easily transport them from show to show. Our Island Pop Up Displays are also a cost effective option, even if you only attend one big show and several smaller shows each year, as by just purchasing a few additional panels you can use each Pop Up Stand individually as well as all together. You can also update your stand with your new offers or branding with our replacement graphics.

When it comes to customising the Island Pop Up Stand with bespoke artwork, it's important to make each aspect as interesting as the next, as all angles of the island are visible. Maximise the branding opportunities by creating a bigger and bolder design than ever before. Find more hints and tips for designing your artwork.

Benefiting from the Island Pop Up Stand Displays

If you opt for the Island Pop Up Stands, you’ll want to make sure you maximise the possible ways to use and adapt the stand. As standard, the Island Pop Up Stands will have 3 or 4 sides to showcase alternate print on all sides, or a fully flowing and cohesive design.

However, outside of the intended use, the various Pop Up Stands can be used individually too! Use singularly or group together as an Island, both options create a different visual and present even more display ideas for future events.

Island Pop Up Stand accessories

To utilise every aspect of the Island Pop Up Stand, the upgrade kit ticks all the boxes. The Pop Up Stand Upgrade Kit, is optional but creates a branded counter at a great price. Inside the upgrade kit you’ll receive a custom printed graphic wrap, acrylic counter top and x2 lights.

Replacement panels refresh and completely transform a tired looking display. Reuse the Pop Up Stand frame and wheeled storage case and pair with custom printed panels for a brand new look, and have the ability to change your marketing message.

International Delivery Available