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  1. Tex-Flex Oval Counter
    £356.40 £297.00
  2. Inflatago Display Counter
    £332.40 £277.00
  3. Tex-Flex Instant Counter
    £340.80 £284.00
  4. Tex-Flex Large Oval Counter
    £438.00 £365.00
  5. Prime Exhibition Counter
    £518.40 £432.00
  6. Kingston Counter
    £284.40 £237.00
  7. Aztec Exhibition Counter with Shelves
    £324.00 £270.00
  8. Saxon Exhibition Plinth
    £135.60 £113.00
  9. Hudson Plinth
    £187.20 £156.00
  10. Sovereign Media Stand
    £277.20 £231.00
  11. Promo Tower
    £451.20 £376.00
  12. Jasper Semi Circle Counter
    £344.40 £287.00
  13. Phoenix Exhibition Counter
    £510.00 £425.00
  14. Event Printed Square Plinths
    £159.60 £133.00
  15. Phoenix Counter Bundle
    £723.60 £603.00
  16. Event Single Square Plinths
    £140.40 £117.00
  17. Natural Cube Totem Display
    £36.00 £30.00
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23 Items

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eco-friendly exhibition plinths and counters

made in the uk

Why Buy Display Counters & Plinths?

Display Counters & Plinths offer a simple yet effective way of enhancing your display stand. Each is designed to be as effective as possible with the least amount of effort. To ensure this, each range is manufactured with intuitive devices which guarantee that they easy to transport as well as set up and pack away.

To guarantee the optimal impact when you reach the exhibition floor, the Display Counters & Plinths are all designed and manufactured on site. This allows us to conduct quality assurance throughout the design process in order to ensure that every Display Counter & Plinth that we produce will make the optimal impression once set up.

Covering a range of sizes, shapes and materials the selection of display counters and plinths are a great addition to a stand space, acting as a professional welcome tool and/or desktop for a laptop or tablet. You also recieve a great deal of space to incorporate more artwork tailored around your brand and business. 

Within the exhibition counter and plinths we've used a mixture of fabrics from stretch polyester to eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Choosing to exhibit with recyclable materials provides you with the same great look but with the option to recycle the product too. Shop the Xanita fibreboard range for more planet friendly exhibition displays and accessories.   

Designed for transportation, Go Displays have ensured the counters are lightweight and compact but make a big impression.

Designing artwork for a Display Counter or plinth

As each exhibition counter accepts bespoke print, you're able to create eye catching artwork that best represents your business. Think outside the box using bold colours, easy to read fonts and attractive logo's. Each of the products have an artwork guide which is available on the individual product page. If you're unable to find the correct artwork guide, contact a member of our team and we'll send them to you!

How to get the most out of your design

We print our counters in house to ensure high quality, long lasting counters to amplify a stand layout. We have some tips to ensure your artwork is printed to the highest quality.

When printing logos and images in large format print, we advise all images should be at least 300DPI to ensure clear and concise printing. If the images are of low quality, there is a chance of pixelation which can distort the image and affect the impact of the design. Likewise, if you have a certain colour in mind, we require all artwork supplied in a CMYK colour profile for an accurate match.