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Xanita VS MDF

Jasper Semi Circle Counter

Standard Dispatch - 5 working days
Express Dispatch - 3 working days

  • Printed Surfaces - Top, Sides & Front
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Go Displays.
  • Created using 16mm Xanita, finished with white edging
  • Designed to be portable, lightweight and durable.
  • Dimensions are 890mm H x 1240mm W x 640mm D
  • Digitally printed in-house using high-quality pigment-based ink.
  • Quick and simple to assemble and easy to use.
  • Suitable for use indoors or outdoors.
  • Need this 100% eco-friendly? Ask for this product without laminate
Eco-friendly Displays Dispatched within 5 working days Product video manufactured in the UK
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The Jasper Semi-Circle Exhibition Counter offers a unique counter shape, whilst not taking up essential space. Tucked into the corner or placed into the centre, the Jasper Exhibition Counter accepts full custom print, for a complete personalised display experience.

The semi-circle shape has a rounded and flat surface, coming in useful when positioning into the stand design. The flat edge can be placed against your backdrop and used as a plinth, or when positioned at the opening to the stand can become a welcome counter.

hilst the Jasper Exhibition Counter doesn’t include shelves, the inside of the counter is hollow, therefore creating an additional storage space. Hide bags and personal belongings to keep your stand space clean and professional.

Custom print is included on the front, sides and counter top, making the Jasper counter a full 360 design. Custom print is added to Xanita Board which is a sustainable material. Reducing waste and making more eco-friendly choices is what all businesses are striving to do. With the help of the Jasper Exhibition Counter, you can add a green touch. The counter can be recycled at the end of life or reused for future events.

What are the benefits of the Jasper Semi-Circle Exhibition Counter?

  • Made with Xanita
  • Eco-friendly display
  • Fully custom printed
  • Lightweight and easy to store
  • Flat pack design

All eco-friendly stands and exhibition counters are made in the UK, by Go Displays.

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The strength of the Xanita board has been mastered with a unique closed cell core, creating a crush resistance board that is able to accept substantial weight and pressure. Xanita board is a great alternative to a standard honeycomb core which has less stability.

Xanita is specially designed to create three dimensional structures, able to hold 60 tonnes per square metre. The dense core allows us to fold and shape the Xanita board without loosing any of the structural integrity, making it perfect for use at any event or exhibition.

Eco Xanita Counter Artwork Dimensions:

Contact us for the artwork templates - 01733 232000

You can upload your own artwork by clicking the link below or email us at

Click Here To Use Mail Big File



Product Weights for the Eco Xanita Exhibition Counters

Aztec Counter
Weight - 13.5kg / Box size - 118cm x 106cm x 10cm

Rockport Counter
Weight - 12kg / Box size - 122cm x 91cm x 10cm

Celtic Counter
1500mm Wide
- Weight - 14kg / Box size - 150cm x 108cm x 10cm

2000mm Wide - Weight - 16kg / Box size - 200cm x 108cm x 10cm

Jasper Counter
Weight - 13kg / Box size - 127cm x 94cm x 10cm

Kingston Counter
Weight - 12kg / Box size - 105cm x 99cm x 10cm

Prime Counter
Weight - 16kg / Box size - 117cm x 88cm x 10cm

Product Specification for the Eco-Friendly Xanita Products


10mm & 16mm Xanita Board
Matte laminate (optional)

About Xanita

  • 75% lighter than MDF
  • 100% re-pulpable, recyclable and sustainable
  • Completely VOC free
  • Made from 100% post-consumer kraft and sugar cane waste
  • Reduced health and safety risk for installing and transporting
  • Quick, ultra-fast production and manufacture time
  • Flat packed with no tools required
  • Easy to set up
  • Strong, durable finished product
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