How to Attach the Pop up Monitor Stand



The addition of a Pop Up Monitor Arm to your Pop Up Stand allows you to easily integrate a media solution into your display. The TV bracket is quick and simple to attach to your pop up, and our video how to guide provides a step-by-step visual of the assembly and installation process.

The VESA plate and fittings are supplied to attach onto the back of the monitor, as well as the arm that connects directly onto the Pop Up frame. To use the monitor arm with your Pop Up the monitor needs to be compatible with VESA 50 75 or 100. 

1. Attach the VESA plate provided onto the back of your chosen TV monitor using the screws provided. 

2. Clip the monitor arm direcly onto the Pop Up frame in the central cube where the bars cross over.

3. Attach your Pop Up panel to the frame to cover the frame and the monitor arm, making sure that the horizontal bar is positioned through the pre-cut hole in your graphic panel. 

4. Attach the plate on the back of the monitor to the horizontal bar of the monitor bracket, clipping into place using the push spring pins to keep the monitor securely in place.


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Pop Up monitor bracket can be found here