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Modulink 2.3m High L Shape Display with Pelmet Lighting

Standard Dispatch - 5 working days
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  • Each L shape comes supplied with laminated scruff resistance modular panels.
  • 2.3m high panels, 16 stand sizes available.
  • Pelmet lighting adds 100mm to overall height
  • Single and double sided print available
  • Pelmet lighting includes 1 LED light per panel*
  • Every exhibition stand is digitally printed in-house using high quality pigment-based ink.
  • Printed directly onto Xanita for a stylish finish with eco-friendly properties
  • Need this 100% eco-friendly? Ask for this product without laminate
  • Read our Xanita vs MDF article here
Dispatched within 5 working days product video Manufactured in the UK by Go Displays
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About the Modulink L shape display stand with pelmet lighting

The Modulink 2.3m high modular exhibition stands have been configured into an L shape design and have the addition of lighting. The pelmet light adds to the design and creates a small shelter section at the top of the display stand.

Adding LED lights onto the top of the display provides a direct light onto the panels and highlights artwork, drawing attention to key features of your branding. The pelmet section can also accept  custom artwork, so you’re able incorporate the lighting as part of the stand using the same colours, logo and text.

The entire Modulink range is made with a fibreboard called Xanita, which is 100% recyclable and sustainable. The structure or design possibilities haven’t been sacrificed in the name of eco-friendly as we’ve found the perfect balance to ensure you get the stand you want with the eco credentials.

Choose a single or double sided print to suit a stand space with limited or full visibility. Single sided print is suitable when the reverse of the stand is hidden by a wall or shell scheme structure. The front panels will proudly present all printed branded. If the back of the stand is also visible, maximise the opportunity to get your message out to a wider audience with printed back panels.

*On double sided stands the back corner pelmet does not include any lights.

Shop the full Modulink display stand range for more shape and size variations. 

What are the benefits of the Modulink modular exhibition stand?

  • Made with eco conscious materials
  • Lightweight panels
  • Single & double sided print available
  • Easy to install
  • Add custom print to all sections

All modular exhibition stands are made in the UK, by Go Displays. 

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The strength of the Xanita board has been mastered with a unique closed cell core, creating a crush resistance board that is able to accept substantial weight and pressure. Xanita board is a great alternative to a standard honeycomb core which has less stability.

Xanita is specially designed to create three dimensional structures, able to hold 60 tonnes per square metre. The dense core allows us to fold and shape the Xanita board without loosing any of the structural integrity, making it perfect for use at any event or exhibition.

Product specification for Modulink & Modulink Walls


Xanita board thickness - 15mm
Display depth - Single sided 120mm / Double sided 240mm

L shape panels - end panels 1020mm / middle panels 900mm
U shape panels - end panels 1020mm / middle panels 900mm

Panel size may change on bespoke configurations

Modulink Walls & Support Legs

*wall panel size can change based on width

Support legs - Single Sided 125mm W / 480mm D
                      Double Sided 125mm W / 290mm D

Modulink Arch

Height - 2300mm
Width - 800mm
Depth - 250mm

x1 window space - 1500mm H x 400mm W
x2 Window spaces (1 middle shelf, 1 bottom shelf) - x2 723mm H x 400mm W sections
x3 window spaces (2 middle shelves, 1 bottom shelf) - x3 478mm H x 400mm sections 


Panels - Xanita Board + laminate (Laminate optional)
Bolt/washers - Steel

Modulink Exhibition Wall Artwork Dimensions:

Contact us for the artwork templates - 01733 232000

You can upload your own artwork by clicking the link below or email us at

Click Here To Use Mail Big File


See our step by step videos on how to begin designing your Modulink artwork using our artwork templates