Go Dipslays How To...

Our 'How To' page includes all of the information needed to understand our products. You'll be able to find video guides, assembly instructions and informative pages which include indepth information about our products and how they can be used. 

How to... Order Shell Scheme Graphic Panels

Gettting the perfect fit for your shell scheme panels is important, as the size between shell scheme frames can differ.

With standard and seamless print and various fixing solutions, here's how to order the correct shell scheme exhibition panels. 

How do... Schools Use Display Boards?

Display Boards can be used in so many different ways and when used correctly can excel within all education environments.

Whether the display panels are used in a nursery, school, college or university, it's possible to find a display solution to suit the requirement and become an integral piece of school equipment.

How to... Use Medical Screens

Medical Screens are suitable for use across all healthcare settings including dentists, hopsitals, practices and wards.

The main focus of the medical screen is the material and how portable the screening can be. Read our useful tips on how Medical Screens can be used. 

How to... Understand Pop Up Stand Sizes

We are regularly asked about the sizing of our Premier Pop Up Display Stands and how these fit into a stand space. 

It's important to note that the pop up stand size is measured in cubes rather than metres, and each size provides a different footprint size.

How to... Confirm Pop Up Stand Replacement Panel Compatibility

If your Pop Up Display Stand wasn't originally purchased from Go Displays, you'll need to make sure that our replacement panels will comfortably fit your stand. 

Follow our guide on how to ensure our replacement pop up stand panels will fit your existing frame. 

How to... Display Posters with the Event Folding Display Board

The Event Folding Display Panels are the exact same size regardless of the board variation you choose. Discover how many of each poster size can fit onto each display panel and how to maixmise the available display space. 


How to... Assemble Universal Display Panels

The Universal Modular Display Panels are a high quality display system which are designed for displaying heavier pieces of artwork or framed photo's. The robust aluminium poles make it possible to create a new configuration for your exhibition and change the way you showcase printed materials. 

How to... Assemble PanelFix Display Boards

The Panelfix Display Boards have a panel and pole design and the display panels can be used in a landscape or portrait position. A modular design which increases the display variations and extends the display board uses. Simply attach any printed materials onto the loop nylon fabric panel.

How to... Assemble the Linx Display Boards

Create a bespoke configuration with the modular design of the Linx Display Boards.

A panel and pole design shows a display system which can be continously changed and amended to suit the display you are trying to create. The landscape and portait boards assist with further display variations. 

How to... Assemble the Pop Up Exhibition Stand

Pop Up Displays Stands are one of the easiest exhibition stands to be assembled.

The 3x3 Pop Up Display stand is possible to install which just one person in under 15 minutes. Pop Up Displays are suitable for both new and experienced exhibitors. 

How to... Attach Pop Up Stand Accessories

Accessories are how it's possible to adjust the Pop Up Display stand and take the basic design to the next level. With the addition of a TV monitor your can draw even more attention to your brand and highlight artwork with LED lights. 

Find out how to add a monitor stand and LED lighting.

How to... Assemble the Streamline Flexible Display Stand

Offering an alternative to the Pop Up Stand, the Streamline Flexible Display uses a slimline pole and panel system that allows for flexibility and future adaptations. Create any shape and choose your width by combining the right number of poles and panels for the available space. 

How to... Attach the Streamline Monitor Stand

Incorporate a monitor screen and add a media source into the Streamline Exhibition Stand design. Use the accessory to play demonstration video's, adverts and to showcase a new product.

How to... Assemble the E-Cube Eco-Friendly Exhibition Stand

Made with 4.5mm cardboard, the E-Cube is 100% recyclable but has been designed to be reused. Recycle old panels and add new printed panels to create a backdrop. 

How to... Design Modulink Artwork

The Modulink Eco-Friendly Exhibition Stands have specific templates based on the size and design you have opted for.

We've put together a full video on how to create high quality artwork for the Modulink Exhibition Stand. 

How to... Design Pop Up Stand Artwork

To ensure your custom design fits the standard Pop Up Display Stand and L Shape Pop Up Stands panels, the video tutorial is available to ensure your artwork is fully visible and positioned in the correct areas. 

How to.. Design Natural Banner Artwork

The Natural Banner Stand is part of the eco-friendly display range, made with 4.5mm cardboard and is 100% recyclable as zero plastic is use. 

The natural has 3 print options available of Front Panel, Front & Base, Front, Back & Base. 

How to... Assemble the Multi-Fix Exhibition Stand

The Multi-Fix Exhibition stand has a modular design, enabling countless configurations to fill any stand space. Additional accessories of arches, shelves and counters are available to elevate the stand design and create an eye catchng display set up. 

How to... Assemble the LED Lightbox

The Easiglow LED Light Boxes are a guaranteed way to lighten and brighten your exhibition space. Completed with bright LED lights and seamles fabric panels for a clean and professional finish. 

How to.. Design Tex-Flex Fabric Display Stand Artwork

The Tex-Flex Exhibition Stands and Accessories use a stretch fabric sleeve which results in a seamless print graphic panel. Varied single and double sided print options available.