How to Assemble the E-Cube Display



The E-Cube Display is an eco-friendly version of a Pop Up Display, providing a quick and easy display solution that's also sustainable and cost-effective. The design of the stand works similar to a Pop Up, whereas rather than an alunimum spider frame you create cubes from 4.5mm cardboard that make up the 'frame' of the display. The printed panels, also provided on 4.5mm cardboard, attach to the cubes to create an eye-catching backdrop that's 100% plastic free. Available in 3 height options; Standard, Midi and Jumbo, and 4 widths from 2m - 4m. 

The assembly of the stand is simple, with all the parts required supplied and no tools needed. The tabs and holes for assembly are all pre-cut here, so that you can get straight to buidling. Once all the cubes have been assembled you can stack and connect these together to create the upright sections. These upright sections then connect together to create the E-Cube frame. The printed panels connect to the front and sides of the display via tabs that push into the pre-cut holes to hold the panels in place.  


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the E-Cube Display can be found here