Easiglow LED Light Boxes



The Easiglow LED Lightboxes offer an illuminated exhibition display that's portable, lightweight and easy to use. The displays are available in 2 sizes; 2000mm H and 2500mm H, both 1000mm W. The frame of the Easiglow has been designed to make linking multiple panels together simple, with the sides of the panel being magnetic that connects the panels and keeps them secure.

The stretch polyester silcone edged fabric graphic panel not only means the graphics are easy to attach to the frame but also that you'll receive a high-quality final product with your branding.  

Feet swivel out from the base section to provide stability. The base section and 2 bottom parts of the vertical poles clip together. Connect the wires from the base to the sides. Repeat this to create the top half of the frame, and clip the bottom and top half of the frame together. Connect the wires between the two halves so that the wires from all sections are connected. Insert the central brace bar for stability. The silicone edge of the graphics fit into the ridges provided in the frame to keep the fabric print taut. Plug into the mains and check that the complete display is illuminated. 


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Easiglow Lightboxes can be found here