Streamline Exhibition Display Stands



The Streamline Exhibition Stands are our flexible display solution, designed to provide a versatile printed stand design that’s easily adapted to fit your stand size and desired style. With our unique printed panel and pole design, the display can be curved and twisted to create various different shapes as well the usual curved and straight exhibition backdrops.

The system is made up of printed panels in a choice of 5 heights, poles and bases. The poles and bases screw together to create the ‘legs’ or frame for the display. The printed rollable panels are provided with hooks on the reverse, which hook into the top of the poles. Each pole is supplied with magnetic tape attached, which connects with the magnetic tape also pre-fitted to the reverse of the printed panels.

Panels can be added and taken away with ease, which is another element making the Streamline system so versatile and cost-effective. One system can be purchased and used for multiple different tradeshows, regardless of your stand size.Each printed panel of the display is 1m wide, and you can attach as many panels as required to cover or create the layout you require.

Our Streamline video shows a step-by-step guide on how to assemble the Streamline stand, including close ups of the fittings and what's included within the standard kit. 

The video also covers the upgrade options that are available including the lighting and TV monitor bracket, which has a separate video giving full instructions on how this can be installed in your stand.

An additional video showing how to design artwork for the Streamline display using the artwork specification guides is available to view here

A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Streamline Stands can be found here