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Multi-Fix Exhibition Stands



The Multi-fix Exhibition Stands are a modular, re-usable display solution that are portable and offer tool-free assembly. Each kit can be used to create multiple stands, designed so that the framework slots together with the fixings pre-fitted to each pole. The configuration of each stand can be changed to suit the layout and style you require for each exhibition, adding and removing panels, cupboards and archways as needed. 

All the parts required for assembled are supplied with each kit. Start by attaching the feet to your horizontal base section, insert and clip the vertical poles into place. Repeat this step without the feet to create the top section, and connect the two section together to create one complete panel. Adjoining panels can be connected in the same way, sharing a vertical pole between the two panels. The cupboard and arches work in a similar way, the fittings clipping together and vertical poles slotting into place. Add in the brace bars for stability in the pre-drilled holes on the vertical poles.

Accessories such as monitor brackets, lights and shelving can be easily added to the stands, fitting into any of the pre-drilled holes on the sides of the vertical poles.

The Multi-Fix is supplied as standard with stretch polyester fabric silicone edged graphic panes, that easily fit into the ridges on the vertical and horizontal poles to provide a taut, clean finish. The graphics are printed using a dye-sublimation process to provide a high quality panel.


A PDF copy of the assembly instructions for the Multi-Fix Stands can be found here