NHS and Healthcare

There are 2 types of products which are used by the NHS, one is medical screening, which should include easy clean materials and display systems which work well in the office side of a health care environment.

NHS medical Screens & Display boards

When you think of the NHS, we automatically think of hospital wards and emergency centres, which are all incredibly important places, but there are other healthcare environments to consider too. Behind the scenes there are plenty of office spaces and meeting rooms that contain members of staff that aren’t client facing. These types of environments can benefit from display board solutions, to assist during training or to highlight everyday information. Patient spaces such as waiting areas are also regular users of display boards and will be found with leaflets and medical information displayed.

Our range of displays boards are light weight, easy to move and just as easy to assemble and transport. Loop nylon fabric covers both sides of the display panel to maximise the amount of information that can be displayed. The Velcro-friendly material accepts posters and printed lightweight material.

For parts of the NHS where screening is required for privacy, emergencies or additional patient space, certain finishes are needed. Fabrics aren’t the top choice, as it’s not easy to clean and will hold on to germs and bacteria. Easy clean material such as white gloss laminate is a top contender as it’s designed for easy cleaning and able to accept sanitizing sprays.

Other materials such as treated anti-bacterial and anti-fungal material is a low maintenance choice and stunts the growth of germs on impact. Requiring a light clean with warm soapy water to keep the panels like new.

Freestanding and portable room dividers work well throughout healthcare settings, suitable as temporary or permanent dividing solutions. Portable room dividers with fitted castors are simple to unfold and wheel across floors and different wards in a hurry, and can be at hand when needed. Freestanding dividers provide open medical spaces with a semi-permanent to permanent dividing solutions for additional privacy and maximizing the available space.

Display boards and NHS medical screens