Panel and Pole Displays

Why Buy A0 & A1 Display Stands from Go Displays?

We provide three different A0 and A1 display boards and each has its own array of unique features. For example, the PanelFix and Linx display boards incorporate interchangeable panels, a selection of different sizes and the choice of your fabric colour. Meanwhile, the Universal Panel & Pole Display Boards are designed as a heavier duty solution, which means they are able to excel in environments where there is a high amount of footfall.

All of the A0 & A1 Panel and Pole Display Boards are manufactured using a lightweight core which is then compressed to provide it with its strength. They are then covered with the loop nylon fabric in the colour of your choice, before being finished with the aluminium framing, providing a clean and professional finish. Throughout the manufacturing process, we perform extensive checks to ensure that all of the A0 and A1 Panel & Pole Display Boards that we produce meet the high standards that we expect.

International Delivery Available