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Linx Modular A0 Triple Display Panels

Dispatched within 5 working days

  • Includes 3 A0 Display Board, 4 silver aluminium poles & 4 round base feet.
  • Upholstered both sides in your choice of Loop Nylon Fabric 
  • Display panels landscape and portrait
  • Manufactured with a high quality slim silver aluminium frame
  • Designed and manufactured by Go Displays.
Fabric Colours Available Dispatched within 5 working days product video Manufactured in the UK by Go Displays
£417.60 £348.00

The Linx Modular A0 Triple Display Board kit includes 3 A0 display boards and 4 aluminum poles and bases. Supplied with everything you need to create an eye catching display, with plenty of display space. The A0 display boards are double sided, meaning you can create a full display, front and back.

Upholstered with a loop nylon fabric allow the attaching of material with hook self adhesive tape. With over 10 fabric colours available, it’s possible to select a colour to suit your requirement.

The pole and panel design is easy to assemble and creates the intended impact. The main features of the A0 Triple Display Board are the ability to reconfigure the panels, allowing a new panel display each. Additionally, the display boards can be positioned landscape and portrait.

What are the benefits of the Linx Modular A0 Triple Display Board Kits?

  • Includes 3 double sided display boards
  • Reconfigurable design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 loop nylon fabric colours

All modular and loop nylon display boards are made in the UK, by Go Displays.

PLEASE NOTE: These colour samples are for guidance and representation only. Due to limitations with colour screen viewing, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Fabric samples are available on request. Please call our customer service team on 01733 232000.

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Product Specification for Linx Diplay Boards


Frame thickness - 11mm
Frame width - 17mm
Pole diametre - 25mm
Round base - 300mm diametre


Pole - Aluminium
Frame - Powder coated aluminium
Round base feet - Steel
Double & single connetors - Nylon
Display board core - Honeycomb
Fabric - Loop nylon

Fire safety elements

Has a melting of 660°C and is not considered to be a fire hazard

Loop Nylon
Loop Nylon fabric has been tested to BS 5867-2 : Type B : 2008
Flammability performance is dependent upon components used

Components are not considered to be a fire hazard

Product Weights for Linx A1 & A0 Display Boards 

Box Size

143 x 100 x 9cm - A0
100 x 84 x 9cm - A1


Weight includes display panels, poles & packaging


Single Panel - 5kg
Double Panels - 15.5kg
Triple Panels - 20kg


Single Panel - 6kg
Double Panels - 9kg
Triple Panels - 13.5kg

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