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Made in the UK

Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers

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Dispatched within 5-7 working days

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Go Displays..
  • Free of charge set of drill-through desktop clamps included, upgrade to Easy-Fix desk clamps
  • Each side is upholstered using acoustic foam and your choice of 25 fabric colours
  • Durable plastic grey edging fitted to the Omega Acoustic Desktop Screens
  • Includes an internal 18mm solid core and 12mm fire retardant foam on both sides.
  • Clamps require 33mm clearance underneath the desktop to ensure a secure fitting.
Woven fabric Colours from Go Displays Omega Desk Divider Screens Dispatched within 7 working days
£76.80 £64.00

About the Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers

The Omega Acoustic Desktop Screens provide an effective solution for reducing ambient noise in offices and classrooms. These are very versatile and can be combined to create privacy for multiple desks with the use of four-way connectors. They feature acoustic foam which is great for soaking up distractions while the selection of 25 fabric colours mean there is plenty of choice so they can integrate into the environment.

Omega Acoustic Desktop Screens are best used in busy environments where the acoustic foam can be used to full effect. Multiple desktop screens integrate well together, meaning they are fantastic for insulating a room from distractions and providing privacy for each desk. The stylish design of the Omega Acoustic Desktop Screen adds to the overall aesthetic of the room by providing a stimulating backdrop while people are working.

The Omega Acoustic Desktop Screens each include a drill through clamp so that they can be safely secured to the desk. We can also provide Easyfix desk clamps to ensure your screens are easier to install. Each panel includes acoustic foam on either side, which is effective in soaking up ambient noise and reducing distractions. Inside, there is a solid core which we press together to ensure the Omega Acoustic Desktop Screens are extremely sturdy once secured.

Discover the Pinnable Omega Desk Dividers, offering privacy and a multi-use finish.

What are the benefits of the Omega Acoustic Desk Dividers?

  • Available in various heights & widths
  • Black or Grey edging
  • Upgrade option of easy fix clamps
  • Helps reduce noise
  • Adds desk privacy

All acoustic & pinnable desk dividers are made in the UK, by Go Displays. 

PLEASE NOTE: These colour samples are for guidance and representation only. Due to limitations with colour screen viewing, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Fabric samples are available on request. Please call our customer service team on 01733 232000.

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Product Specification for the full Omega Desktop Screen range


Acoustic desktop screen thickness (Core, foam & fabric) - 42mm
Laminate thickness (Core & laminate) - 20mm
Pinnable thickness (Core & pinnable element) - 36mm

Clamp slots in the frame are;
Desktop Screens less than 899mm - 158mm in from each edge
Desktop Screen more than 900mm - 275mm in from each edge


Grey or black edging - PVC
Clamps - Steel
Internal - 18mm solid core
HPL – High pressure white gloss laminate
Foam (Acoustic Only) - double layer of 12mm fire retardant acoustic foam on each side

Fire Safety Elements

12mm Combustion Modified Foam BS 5852-2: using ignition Source 5 Crib

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Surface spread of Flames Class 2 tested to BS479-7

Plastic Components
Manufactured using non-flammable, self-extinguishing plastic.

Components are not considered to be a fire hazard.

Tested to standard UNE EN 13501-1:07+A1:2010

Fabric (Pinnable & Acoustic Only)

Woven fabric - Omega Standard
Woven Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 & BS 7176 2007

Universe Fabric - Omega+
Universe Collection has been tested to BS 5867-2: 2008 Type B

High pressure laminate (HPL) white gloss

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