Printed Flexi-Screens, Concertina Room Dividers from Go Displays
Room Dividers for Education

As a UK manufacturer, we’re proud to support all businesses, sectors and professions when it comes to maximising space. Our aim is to provide high quality products to ensure each screen or display is as great as the last.

Our goods are manufactured in house with the use of high grade materials and are only dispatched once quality checked. By doing so, we can monitor each stage of the manufacturing process. Thus, delivering an excellent result. 

The Education sector has taken our screening solutions and display products on board and have shown how versatile and flexible each can be. The screening solutions available have proven successful in different areas such as classrooms, training rooms, receptions, exam halls and more.

Screens such as the portable partitions from the Flexi-Screen & Mobi range along with the freestanding budget screens are to name a few of the options ideal for school, colleges, universities, nurseries etc.

Portable and freestanding partitions effortlessly divide a large open space into smaller easier to manage sections. A canteen can be split, classrooms are divided, and exam areas made. All of which enables more learning space, privacy where needed and effectively brings control to a large number of pupils.

Budget Laminate Screens, portable partitions ideal for exam halls                  Concept Acoustic Partitions, ideal for creating reception areas                  Printed Mobi portable partitions are the perfect training and teaching tool to brighten up any classroom


Room Divider reviews from our customers


Room divider review for Morton half vision screens from a customer

Delta Acoustic Cloud Screens, stylish room dividers to create private learning spaces                   Laminate, Easy Clean Room Dividers                   Half Vision Partitions are perfect for dividing open canteens and lunch areas


To enhance the various screen designs, we’ve also thought about the finish and how this can benefit the education sector.

A white gloss laminate can be easily cleaned, which works wonders in a school or nursery to prevent the spread of germs. But from a learning perspective, the partitions can double up as white boards, therefore adding to a teaching or training space.

Educational environments display information for parents/students or painting and pictures created by the children. Looking past the standard wall fixed pinboards, the Universal and Panel Fix panel and pole display boards have much more to offer.

Modular, reconfigurable and upholstered with loop nylon fabric, the panel and pole display excel in performance. The loop nylon fabric accepts hook tape attachments to secure fix any document in place. Utilise for a fully adaptable display stand on a small or large scale.

How can portable room dividers be used?

  • To divide a large open plan space into smaller areas
  • As a teaching or training tool, either as a whiteboard or with custom educational print
  • As an emergency screen for medical purposes
  • For privacy in situations such as exams and meetings
  • To display information, notices and pictures
  • Dividing tables & seating areas within a busy canteen or food hall



Room divider review from a customer for the mobi portable room dividers