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Flexi- Screen Laminate Dividers

Dispatched within 7-10 working days

  • Designed and manufactured in the UK by Go Displays.
  • Available in grey and white gloss laminate.
  • Grey castor feet and grey durable plastic edge finish to the panels.
  • Screen core is pressed together under immense pressure to make it extremely robust.
  • Each panel is 1000mm wide e.g. 5 panel is 5000mm wide in total
  • Available in heights of 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm & 2000mm.
  • Manufactured using high pressure laminate (HPL) to give a high quality finish.
  • Additional panels can then be included using linking strips.
  • Castor feet can be upgraded to Deluxe rubber wheeled braked castors.
Dispacthed within 10 working days Manufactured in the UK
£373.20 £311.00

About the Flexi-Screen Laminate Divider

The Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers offer a way of creating elegant partitions with the added option of being able to use dry wipe markers with them. The Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers are covered with a high pressure laminate, enabling them to be customised as well as allowing you to create dynamic environments. Each of the Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers feature quality braked castor feet, which provides you with the option to modify your partition when required.

The Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers are the perfect tool to make the most of large open spaces. By featuring quality braked castor feet, you can move and modify the partition as and when you need to, enabling you to transform the space into a multi-purpose room. This makes the Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers an excellent addition to waiting areas and receptions where they can adapt with the flow of traffic in the room.

Each of the Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers begin with a compressed core which is designed to provide a sturdy yet lightweight solution for partition screens. This enables the Flexi-Screen Laminate Dividers to be straightforward to manoeuvre while be strong and sturdy when locked in place. We then apply the high pressure laminate which guarantees a quality finish.

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What are the benefits of the Flexi-Screen Laminate Room Divider?

  • Concertina design
  • Drywipe finish
  • Easy clean panels
  • Linkable room divider
  • Fitted with lockable castors

All portable room dividers are made in the UK, by Go Displays. 

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