Jumbo Pop Up Stand Artwork Guide

Pop Up Stand Video Artwork Guide

2m x 4m Jumbo Exhibition Stand

Dispatched in 5 working days from receipt of order and artwork

  • Includes 4x1 Jumbo linked with curve pop-ups
  • 4 cubes high, not 4 metres. See our Pop Up sizes explained
  • 2 x Teardrop Flag Banner included. 
  • Jasper Counter included. Dimensions are 890mm H x 1240mm W x 640mm D
  • Additional accessories include 4 x display lights, 1x Stability feet set & 1x Monitor Arms. 
  • Quick and simple to assemble and easy to use.
  • Every exhibition stand is digitally printed in-house using high-quality pigment-based ink.
  • The Jasper Counter is printed directly onto Xanita for a stylish finish with eco-friendly properties
  • Need this 100% eco-friendly? Ask for this product without laminate.


Artwork guide Dispatched within 5 working days Product video manufactured in the UK
£2,726.40 £2,272.00

Compatible file extensions to upload: pdf

The 2m x 4m Jumbo display is a stand to give you the wow factor. With a mix of premier pop up stands we have produced a showstopper. Taking pop up displays to the next level with a combination of straight and curved, we have manufactured a stand we love and we hope you do to.

Incorporating a monitor stand provides you with an area to hang your own TV, facing towards the front of the stand showing your advert, product demo or how to video. To complete the front visual, the Jasper counter sits flush with the stand and adds a counter top section within the space.

The teardrop flags add a special touch to the corners of the stand. Whilst they look stylish within our bundle, don’t forget you can take them outside and use them for any outdoor events. It’s important to have stand that is versatile with multiple uses, the 2m x 4m Jumbo display offers products which can be used alone as well as in the supplied bundle.

Each element of the Jumbo Stand Bundle has been hand picked to compliment the next and comfortably fits into a 2m x 4m stand space. When completed with you custom artwork, the display will come alive and create a big impact.

What are the benefits of the 2m x 4m Jumbo Pop Up Stand Bundle?

  • Easy to install
  • Designed for transportation
  • Replacement panels for pop up available
  • Use together or as stand alone items
  • Add custom artwor

Pop up stands and accessories are made in the UK, by Go Displays. 

Complete stand includes:

1 x Jumbo 4x1 pop up stand, 2 x 3x2 curved pop ups, 1 x set of stabilising feet, 4 x pop up lights, 1 x Jasper Counter, 1 monitor arms and 2 x Teardrop 2.4m high double sided flags. All elements of this stand can be custom printed with your design (excludes feet and lights).

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